How does alimentary malnutrition ?Symptoms and characteristics of the disease

eating disorder in which the child develops underweight, called malnutrition.

Wasting can be:

  1. congenital (intrauterine or constitutional due migrated mother during pregnancy, serious illness or failure of the placenta)
  2. acquisition (alimentary, which is a consequence of child malnutrition or infectious nature, the consequence of a child-borne diseases).

Alimentary malnutrition, developing due to nutritional deficiency, as the liquid in the body, a rarity today.

Three Faces of malnutrition

Alimentary malnutrition develops gradually.There are 3 degrees of malnutrition.

At first degree child loses 11 to 20 percent of body weight, the second degree is characterized by not only the shortage of weight from 25 to 30 percent, but the lag in the development of the child.

Wasting 3 degrees - is the extreme exhaustion.Underweight is 1/3.When malnutrition grade 3 skin becomes gray shade, and fat layer is completely absent.

hundred and one cause of disease

Alimentary malnutrition common in infants, if

the child does not eats.When breastfeeding in mothers may be the lack of milk.The indiscriminate feeding, provoking an abundant and frequent regurgitation, chest defects may also hinder breastfeeding.

baby will be nervous, throwing his chest, burst shouting, and in the end, falling asleep exhausted, not eating the feeding of feeding.

Complementary feeding requires timeliness.Too early or late complementary foods may also lead to the development of nutritional wasting.

in child diet fed artificially, often do not have enough carbohydrates.A wrong or substandard mixture of cereal flour with a high content of sugar or common cause of nutritional wasting.Not the least role in the development of the disease plays a digestibility of mixtures - for the baby to digest the mixture harder than mother's milk.

Children who do not receive proper care, affection and attention, are at risk of nutritional wasting more than those with whom they associate, often take on his hands, caressing and hugging.

serious infectious diseases and malformations of the gastrointestinal tract leading to loss of appetite and nutritional development of malnutrition.

gradualism - the main principle of treatment!

Treatment of nutritional wasting a whole range of activities:

  1. Diet therapy.
  2. strengthens the immune system of the child suffering from malnutrition procedure.
  3. Vitamin therapy.
  4. meal tolerance tests.

food loading increase gradually.

In severe cases, the nutrients intravenously drop by.

Children with severe nutritional wasting hospitalized.In the case of infection prescribe antibiotics.

Unfortunately fatal in cases of severe nutritional wasting not so rare.It is 30 percent.

Prevention of malnutrition include breastfeeding, rational nutrition of the child and the mother, as the timely visit to the doctor.

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