Vishnevsky ointment hemorrhoids : how to apply , price

Hemorrhoids manifest thrombosis veins of the rectum, their extension and inflammation of hemorrhoids.The symptoms of hemorrhoids appear soreness, which increases during defecation, as well as bleeding from damaged veins.

When tendency to constipation aggravated hemorrhoids, and the veins of the rectum can fall out of it.Hemorrhoid treatment - It is not one day, because it requires a change in lifestyle, nutrition settlement, the intestines, to strengthen vein walls.But often with a common medication, patients are looking for medicine for external application.

Hemorrhoids are internal and external.What ointment to treat hemorrhoids?The use of different external agents shall be governed by their composition and medicinal properties, which provides a balm.

For example, heparin is composed of an anticoagulant - heparin, which helps dissolve blood clots in the veins.Therefore, it is better to apply to the internal components.Vishnevsky Balsam use as from external hemorrhoids, which is used mainly in i

nflammation hemorrhoids.

composition is very simple - it is composed of tar, antiseptic xeroform and castor oil.It is difficult to say which of hemorrhoids ointment still has such a simple structure, but, nevertheless, this combination gives it unusual properties.Vishnevsky ointment has roots of Russian origin, and is used only in the countries of the former CIS.

What is the secret balm Vishnevsky

man who created the recipe, went down in history under the name of Alexander Vishnevsky, a famous physician of the Second World War, outstanding personality, devoted much effort to the development of domestic medicine.At the time, flared fierce debate about the dangers and benefits of ointment.

fact that the ointment Wisniewski creates an airtight film on the surface of the wound, thus creating conditions for the development of anaerobic infections.But in the other conditioners also include glycerin or petrolatum, and they help fine!There is one condition, which is a contraindication for the application - dirty wound surface.

Vishnevsky ointment hemorrhoids is used, as has been said, for external components.When applied to the damaged areas of the ointment creates a fatty film, thereby exerting a warming effect and irritating the nerves, increases blood flow to the site of inflammation.It is known that all inflammatory processes are certain stages, from start to infiltrate the breakthrough with discharge of purulent discharge.

Treating hemorrhoids ointment Vishnevsky catalyst has an effect when it is applied to inflamed hemorrhoids, that is, using the fat of the film enhances the ongoing process of inflammation.That is why the balm is used as in the onset of inflammation, and in chronic processes.

Application hemorrhoids ointment Vishnevsky cleans the wound, like a hypertonic solution, it dries and stimulates the regeneration of tissues.The main advantage of this treatment is that if proper use Vishnevsky ointment for hemorrhoids, you can do without surgery.Balm application does not cause side effects.

How to use Vishnevsky

balm to apply correctly the ointment, in any case, do not start the process and use it during the first days after the onset of inflammation.Do not forget that the cream boosts the process of "maturation" of the inflammatory process and may accelerate its course.

The outer part of the rectum is well rinse soda solution or a weak solution of potassium permanganate.For best effect, you can do warm baths with a solution of potassium permanganate.Dry place inflammation, and then attach to the surface of dry gauze with ointment.

Vishnevsky ointment hemorrhoids is used in the form of applications for 2-3 hours, and changes several times a day.Such use has an analgesic effect.

treatment of hemorrhoids in children

While adults hemorrhoids development is due to the heavy lifting, bad habits after giving birth, the appearance of the children associated with hemorrhoids and constipation habit for a long time to sit on the potty.Hemorrhoids can be a child's birth, but such cases are rare.

for the treatment of hemorrhoids, only those resources are used in children that are registered by the doctor, as some for external use have contraindications.When inflammation of external hemorrhoids ointment used the best hemorrhoids for children - Vishnevsky ointment, which has no contraindications for use.

How much is a balm Vishnevsky

If the market price compare to external funds from hemorrhoids ointment Vishnevsky leader here, as it is inexpensive hemorrhoid ointment.It costs no more than 20-30 rubles, and sold in every pharmacy.If we consider the ratio of hemorrhoids ointment - price, then this is the best value for money, and most importantly, useful features and efficiency.

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