How to identify the symptoms of hemorrhoids at an early stage ?

To date, perhaps the hemorrhoid is one of the most common diseases.Contributes to its widespread adverse factors such as sedentary, predominantly sedentary lifestyle and constant stress.Unfortunately, this disease can seriously impair a person's quality of life, so it is very important as soon as the first symptoms of hemorrhoids, immediately consult a qualified doctor.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids in men

According to statistics, more likely to suffer from hemorrhoids is a man, whose age is more than 40 years.Unfortunately, men often ignore the first signs of hemorrhoids, referring to a specialist only when the disease is much running.The first signs of the emergence of hemorrhoids can be expressed is not very much, but they can bring a lot of trouble and inconvenience.So, the men because of itching, irritation of the mucous membrane and the skin of the anus and pain can become very irritable and withdrawn.

Generally, the symptoms of hemorrhoids in males can be different, depending on whether chronic o

r acute form of the disease occurs.If the hemorrhoid is in the acute stage, the pain can be quite severe, and hemorrhoids will cause considerable discomfort.The patient will be hard not to just sit, and walk, and will be an act of defecation difficult.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids in women

Not only men suffer from this unpleasant disease, as hemorrhoids.Often, women find themselves in a number of symptoms that indicate the need to consult a qualified proctologist.Alas, many of the fair sex are ashamed of such a disease, and therefore draw on a visit to the doctor, that leads to a transition of the disease into a chronic stage.

early warning signs for women should be itching, discomfort and burning in the anus.With the development of the disease, can be added, and other symptoms such as severe pain, marked edema, rise in temperature, difficulty in defecation and hyperemia in the anus area.Not all women know what the symptoms of hemorrhoids can talk about the development of dangerous complications, and therefore do not apply to doctors in time.

Menstruation and hemorrhoids

Often, women begin to show signs of hemorrhoids is during menstruation.As a rule, the fairer sex complain of pain in the rectal area, discomfort, bleeding during defecation, as well as the presence of a foreign body sensation in the anus.Explains these unpleasant symptoms that during menstruation blood flow to all organs of small pelvis slightly increased, so available in the anus hemorrhoids blood components overflow, resulting in and there are pronounced symptoms of hemorrhoids.

symptoms during pregnancy

Not all women know how to manifest hemorrhoids during pregnancy.Although approximately 30% of pregnant women, the disease is observed.The development of this disease is associated with the fact that with the end of the second trimester, the uterus becomes quite large, and by the time of birth, it generally takes up most of the abdomen area.Poet stomach, loops of small intestine and colon, and liver are shifted slightly upwards.Direct the gut can not be displaced, and therefore is simply pressed down the uterus.Because of this, normal bowel movements strong enough difficult, there are long-term constipation.Because of the constant squeezing the uterus, it begins in the venous vessels congestion and an increase in the number of cavernous bodies, which ultimately leads to the top of this disease.

All symptoms are usually more severe when walking, after stool, as well as during exercise.But if a pregnant woman is at rest, the complaint may completely disappear.Sometimes in pregnant women may experience loss of nodes and during stool.Nodes can have different sizes, but they are always painful when walking, sitting and dotragivanii.Also, small bleeding may occur during the act of defecation.All these signs indicate that a pregnant woman should consult an experienced proctologist.After all, if this is not done, then the signs of hemorrhoids after delivery will continue and in the future may develop, and complications.

Signs and symptoms of child hemorrhoids

Even children, unfortunately, are not immune to this disease.But kids, and teens are not always able to talk about the unpleasant symptoms of their parents, so caring moms and dads need to know what the signs of hemorrhoids are typical for children.

For the child in infancy or preschool years, is characterized by asymptomatic hemorrhoids.This disease is usually detected by chance in the form of a small protrusion in the anus, appeared with prolonged crying or straining during defecation.It should be noted that at standstill the nodules themselves disappear.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids in children who have already reached school age, usually similar to the symptoms of the disease in adults.Observed itching, pain in the rectum, blood allocation during defecation.Of course, all these signs indicate that the pull on a visit to an experienced proctologist child is not necessary.

Internal and external disease

Typically, symptoms of internal hemorrhoids cause the patient still refer to the proctologist, because they cause considerable discomfort.In the area of ​​the anus patient can feel the presence of a foreign body.In the early stages it may be meager allocation of blood, which is usually of great concern not deliver.In severe cases there may be quite heavy bleeding and loss of nodes.

External hemorrhoids manifests itself not so bright.First of all, in the area of ​​the anus there are pain and itching, and added with scratching and irritation.If you have any bleeding, then it most likely indicates the presence of anal fissures.During exacerbations may occur palpable pain during defecation.On examination, the anus can be found around cones having different dimensions.Generally, when external hemorrhoids severe symptoms may occur only during an exacerbation.

symptoms of acute hemorrhoids

most common complications of hemorrhoids are external hemorrhoids thrombosis and loss of internal nodes.Thrombosis is accompanied by a very strong pain in the anus, and sometimes bleeding.Prolapse is accompanied by swelling and inflammation.With all of these symptoms, you should immediately see a doctor in time to begin treatment.

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