What is the cure for hemorrhoids there and how to use it ?

seems to choose the most appropriate remedy for hemorrhoids - a fairly simple task.However, this reasoning is wrong.Given the variety of drugs to choose the best cure for hemorrhoids complicated.

For an inexpensive drug can relieve the manifestation of unpleasant symptoms, but over time they may reappear, but with some complications.Therefore it is necessary to consider the drug for the treatment of hemorrhoids that will effectively overcome the disease, regardless of the form and stage.

Treating hemorrhoids

To find an effective cure for hemorrhoids, you need to understand the disease is at what stage of development.As is known, it defined four stages.Each of them has its own characteristics that affect treatment.Moreover, treatment of a disease in pregnant women has differences lactation.The cure for hemorrhoids include conservative method of treatment, which is divided into three types:

  • tablets;
  • candles;
  • ointment.

Medications for the treatment of hemorrhoids are prescribed only after th

e diagnosis.Therefore, an independent decision on the purchase of a drug - it is more likely to harm themselves well.After all, you can buy a drug that will worsen your condition.This is worth remembering.

What medications to treat hemorrhoids at an early stage?

Unfortunately, most medications for hemorrhoids include chemical elements that leave their mark on the health of other organs, although eliminate the disease of the rectum.Therefore, the most effective cure for hemorrhoids at an early stage - natural.To do this, there are a large number of recipes in traditional medicine that can solve the problem at an early stage.

Such means can take various forms, but they can cook own.Although this does not negate the need to see a doctor.After all, some of the components that are part of the national drug can cause allergies.

Natural cure for internal hemorrhoids can also be purchased at the pharmacy.Since there are many homeopathic remedies that effectively fight the disease.In their structure there are herbal ingredients, by type: tysyacheletnika oil, St. John's wort, buckthorn, etc.

therapy in advanced stages of the disease

Remember that only a doctor knows how to treat hemorrhoids.This is especially important if the disease progresses.Taking into account the individual case, the doctor will determine the best cure for external hemorrhoids.If necessary, can be employed and surgical treatments for the disease.

If the stage of "running hemorrhoids", and surgical intervention is necessary, it is still the doctor prescribes medicine for hemorrhoids.This drug helps to speed up regeneration of damaged tissues and enhance the immune system.The drug may be in the form of ointments, suppositories or tablets.

List of drugs from hemorrhoids in the later stages


These drugs are in pill form tested in practice:

  1. Ginkor Fort.Used for the treatment of internal and external hemorrhoids.It is a universal tool to facilitate the development of feelings of illness.Acceptance of such tablets helps restore the immune system, improves blood circulation in the vessels that pass through the rectum.
  2. Litovit-B.It is used during lactation and pregnancy, because the medicine is based on herbal ingredients.It promotes the regeneration of damaged tissue, increased blood coagulation, softening the stool, restore the body's defenses.
  3. Detraleks.It is used in, it is the most effective cure for hemorrhoids.Detraleks seeks to give strength, firmness and elasticity of the vascular wall to the rectum is not damaged.
  4. Posterisan.Easily and quickly removes the inflammation in the rectum increases the body's immune system, prevents the formation of blood clots inside the intestine and enhances the regeneration of damaged tissues.


With the progression of the disease should not only reduce pain, but also relieve itching.Do not forget that the possible occurrence of bleeding, so it must also be stopped.It takes the ointment:

  1. Aurobin.Ointment contains vitamins to increase the body's strength.It makes blood vessels elastic and strong, to protect them from blood clots, bruising and bleeding.
  2. Relief ointment.It includes in its membership a shark liver oil.This allows you to stop the bleeding and improve blood clotting.Thus, the faster heal cracks in the rectum.
  3. methyluracyl ointment.You can call the best cure for external hemorrhoids, which is constantly inflamed and becomes wet.Through this healing ointment is much faster, it can even cope with a difficult situation.
  4. Ultraproct ointment.It removes all the symptoms of rectal diseases, improves the immune system, kills pathogens, improve blood clotting, restores the regenerative properties of the organism.


small list of drugs for hemorrhoids that have a positive application and reviews:

  1. Relief, candles.As already mentioned, the structure includes a shark liver oil.Effectively relieves pain and itching, heals cracks, stops bleeding.
  2. Anestezol.Painkillers candles.They increase blood pressure, so do not apply in hypertensive patients.
  3. Gepatrombin G. It is used as a cure for internal hemorrhoids and external.It increases blood clotting, strengthens regenerative processes.It prevents bruising.
  4. All presented tools are effective and safe, but remember that their use is possible only after the recommendation of a doctor.
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