Methods of treatment of internal hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is one of the most common and well-known diseases of mankind, for the prevalence, not inferior to the common cold.According to statistics, the disease is diagnosed in every sixth inhabitant of the planet, and to achieve 50 years of age suffer from it every second person.

It is often detected hemorrhoids already at an advanced stage, as to a certain point, this disease is almost asymptomatic.

Basic information about the disease

Hemorrhoids - vascular lesion "pillows" available to all people, under the influence of certain risk factors.With the development of vein disease, located in the rectum begin to swell and bleed.

In more complex cases, the destruction of ligaments, supporting hemorrhoids, they can drop out of the anal canal with a chair.The tendency to the appearance of hemorrhoids is transmitted genetically, and the occurrence of such diseases often depends on the way of life that leads concrete person.

One of the most characteristic symptoms of the disease is a discharge of bl

ood, as well as the loss of hemorrhoids from the rectum.However, hemorrhoids can also occur in other, less typical clinical signs.The latter include symptoms such as the emergence of anal itching, foreign body sensation, incomplete emptying, etc.As a rule, the patients themselves when such symptoms immediately attribute them to hemorrhoids, but under them may well be masked more serious disease, such as colon cancer.

Therefore, even the most obvious manifestations of hemorrhoids establish the correct diagnosis can only be a doctor, and only he will be able to assign adequate and the most effective treatment in each case.It is worth noting that the matter is diagnosed if a patient has an internal or external hemorrhoids treatment can vary greatly.

Psychological problems

In fact, hemorrhoids is a rather "uncomfortable" disease that many patients hesitate to seek medical attention.Such false shame and fear of a possible operation can hold the patient by visiting a specialist and while the disease continues to grow and create more and more problems because of recurring pain and bleeding.

Moreover, in the absence of adequate and timely treatment of the disease can significantly reduce the patient's quality of life, and its treatment in the end will be much more difficult - here will not help spark from internal hemorrhoids, need more serious methods.

should be separately noted that many patients come to the doctor with a ready-made, self-diagnosed.Moreover, many people prefer to first use folk remedies for internal hemorrhoids, and only when these methods do not produce the desired effect, to treat their problem to the proctologist.

Treatment and Symptoms

disease Depending on the location of the so-called hemorrhoids, experts allocate domestic and foreign varieties of the disease.For internal hemorrhoids, nodes located far in the rectum, so that they simply can not feel and see.Typically, when an internal hemorrhoid patient does not feel pain, since it is only a small number of nerve sensation in the rectum.

only a symptom of internal hemorrhoids can protrude bleeding.In some cases, interior nodes increases and falls outwards to such an extent that protrude outside the anal sphincter.

appearance of anal bleeding and pain are fairly severe symptoms that can not be neglected.Such symptoms may indicate not only hemorrhoids, but also more serious diseases that threaten the patient's life.

Stage hemorrhoids

Experts identify several stages of the disease, depending on the intensity of symptoms:

  1. for the first stage of hemorrhoids is characterized by an increase in pathological nodes, itching and burning, foreign body sensation in the anus, bleeding during bowel movements.Such signs may appear sporadically, because of what many patients believe that the problem itself is not.However, if left untreated, chronic hemorrhoids are always progressing.
  2. internal hemorrhoids 2 degrees, as a rule, characterized by the appearance of nodes on the outside and more frequent bleeding events.At this stage of the disease the patient is alert and go to the doctor, but often the patient simply adapted to this "trouble" and does not continue to pay special attention to the evolving pathology.
  3. the third stage of the disease there is a very frequent prolapsed hemorrhoid outside, but reduce a manage them back only with his hands.Initially, the disease pathological loss of nodes happens only during defecation, and later - for any increase in intra-abdominal pressure, for example, when coughing or heavy lifting.
  4. fourth stage of hemorrhoids is literally causes the patient to see a doctor, because at this stage of the disease hemorrhoids is no longer possible right within.Often at this stage there is thrombosis, severe pain in the anus and heavy bleeding.

How to treat internal hemorrhoids?

When diagnosing the disease, the treatment strategy is determined depending on the stage of the process and the size of pathological nodes.In the early stages of hemorrhoids it is quite possible to manage conservative methods of treatment.At the same time, possibly as a treatment for internal hemorrhoids folk remedies, and their combination with the methods of traditional medicine.

Among all existing today of drugs at an early stage professionals often prescribe candles process for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids.Frequently used and various ointments, but preference is nevertheless given to it candles, since in this case their use is more comfortable for the patient.With the help of different drugs, doctors try to reduce the swelling of the nodes, eliminate pain and inflammation, prevent the formation of blood clots.

In parallel with the application of topical medications are also commonly prescribed drugs for the overall strengthening of the blood vessels, which prevents the formation of new and growth of existing nodes.However, such funds are often to be taken long courses.In any case, for the use of these drugs should consult a doctor because of a candle or an ointment for hemorrhoids internal type in the last stages of the disease will not help.

Operational techniques

best solution in the case of hemorrhoids in the later stages is to use one of the modern surgical techniques.Operation at internal hemorrhoids, depending on the number and intensity of the pathological symptoms of nodes can be performed by various methods, including both minimally invasive and conventional surgery.

To learn which method is more effective in each case only an expert can tell proctologist, who examined all the symptoms and the patient's complaints, will help him to choose the most appropriate treatment option.

Diet for internal hemorrhoids

One of the signs of hemorrhoids may become frequent constipation, which can get rid of using the power of correction.Patients with this problem should avoid the consumption of rice and semolina porridge, pasta, mashed potatoes, strong tea or coffee, milk and some other products.

Thus, it is necessary to increase the consumption of meat, fish, cauliflower, fresh apples, grapes, raw grated carrots, fresh onions and garlic.

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