Treatment of phlegm in the bronchi using folk remedies and methods

Many respiratory diseases occur with the development of phlegm in the bronchi.

Normally the mucous membranes of the bronchi and the lungs produce a special secret in its composition reminiscent of saliva - it maintains the normal moisture, protect the epithelium from pathogens and irritants, the purification of the respiratory tree.

If it affects the respiratory organs often formed mucus in the bronchi - This mucus is altered mucous secret.

cough and phlegm in the bronchi - always together

most common disease of the bronchi, characterized by cough with sputum formation - a bronchitis.For any disease, in which there is swelling or other changes in the internal membranes of the respiratory system formed by fluid in the bronchi and a cough.

Interestingly, the cough may be dry or wet in the first days of its appearance, but the physiological function of this process - a cleansing of the bronchi, and for this reason you should never try to suppress a cough without an accurate determination of the c

ause of its occurrence.

One of the additional education sputum symptoms yavlyayutsyahripy in the bronchi - air masses, passing through large amounts of mucus, shake it, and feels that the doctor auscultation (listening to the patient).

Any abnormal noises, you will hear during breathing, indicate that swelling of the bronchi, or excessive amounts of mucus prevents the normal passage of the air stream.

If the cough is dry, and a discharge of mucus when it is not observed, you should seriously think about how to clear phlegm from the bronchial tubes - in which case you should try to make a secret of the bronchi more fluid and less viscous.

patient should consume plenty of fluids are recommended as further moisten the air in the room.

Official medicine offers the use of medications that have expectorant action, to cleanse the bronchi from the expectoration.Recipes are designed for the same purpose can be found in folk medicine.

Most drugs of this type of act reflexively - first active drug substance must be absorbed in the digestive tract, and only after that the desired effect is achieved.

Treatment sputum

When inflammation of the respiratory system, proceeding with the formation of sputum, give good results as well inhalation.To conduct this type of procedure is possible using herbal teas or adding water to the essential oil.

Just good effect can be observed by procedures such as drainage massage for the treatment of bronchial tubes, heating and compression.

Before you try something out of the need to consult with your doctor, because if bronchitis or other diseases occur with the complication of the heating should be abandoned.

Do not use the same methods with the use of external heat at high temperature - in this case a high probability of overheating the body of the patient and develop severe disorders of the cardiovascular system.

Drainage massage for treatment of bronchial tubes is easy to perform at home on their own.The procedure is recommended after a warm bath warming, its main purpose - to rub the area well from the back of the bronchi that reflexively enhance blood circulation in the inflammation.

This hand massage movement must begin with careful stroking and only then become more active and presses.

Completing massage should be as slow strokes, immediately after the procedure is recommended to lie, wrapped for warmth, at least 40 minutes.

Many patients are concerned about how to get the phlegm from the bronchi via inhalation.Device inhaler is easy to buy in any pharmacy, but if this wonderful device is not at hand, you can use popular method.

The average diameter of the pan is necessary to boil the broth of herbs or water with the addition of essential oils.Then remove the container from the heat, cover with a large towel or blanket and inhale the rising steam.

recommended not eat immediately after the procedure, and to go out that day.Depending on the severity of the disease, a thorough cleaning of the bronchi may require a course of inhalations.

How to remove phlegm from the bronchial tubes with the help of folk remedies?

thinning sputum suitable decoctions and infusions St. John's wort, a mother and stepmother, licorice and radish juice.Another popular recipe from sputum - syrup of onions and garlic.

For preparation of this drug need to chop the onion and garlic, put them into a jar and add sugar and leave for several hours.Collect the resulting juice and take a tablespoon up to three times a day.

To remove sputum can be used radish juice obtained by rubbing and mixing it with honey, or released from the cut root, in which lay the honey or sugar.

If you do not already know how to remove phlegm from the bronchial tubes and not one remedy does not help, it is worth trying an infusion of pine buds.Two tea spoons of kidney pour a glass of boiling water, wrap to retain heat and leave for an hour.Take after eating half a cup.

Accelerate removal of phlegm from the bronchial tubes is possible, using breathing exercises complexes.Breathing exercises can not only help clean the lungs and bronchi, but also develop respiratory organs with regular performance.

developed respiratory system will make it easier to carry seasonal diseases more effectively perform a variety of physical activities and daily household affairs.

expectoration in bronchi - that offers traditional medicine?

Accumulation of mucus in the lungs may be indicative of serious chronic diseases.

Therefore, the symptoms of this type is recommended to seek immediate medical attention for the purpose of optimal treatment of type.

expectoration in bronchi treatment requires correspondingly disease type causing her education.To diagnose the cause of the sputum can be through a variety of studies.

When this symptom is primarily prescribed chest x-ray.Sometimes just doing imaging or bronchoscopy.If these studies can not make an accurate diagnosis, you can try a clinical sputum analysis.

In some cases, prescribe as other types of diagnostics, including auxiliaries, such as comprehensive blood and urine analysis.

The reason of occurrence of phlegm a lot can tell the general condition of the body, so when you visit a doctor is worth mentioning about any unusual symptoms.

most serious disease, a symptom of which is a liquid in the bronchi - is a cancer of the bronchi, pneumonia, asthma and tuberculosis.Often for their treatment requires hospitalization and the use of modern hardware methods.

Separate removal of phlegm from the bronchial tubes is not an easy task, the reason for urgent treatment in a medical institution is the appearance of sputum with blood, as well as dark-colored mucus or white.

Normally, mucus can be transparent, yellowish or green - these colors are a sign of mucus infectious nature of the disease.

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