Diet after surgery for hemorrhoids is extremely useful !

Hemorrhoids - one of the most common diseases.The disease can occur unnoticed by the man, chronically.But sometimes it becomes an acute form and, in this case, the patient requires urgent medical attention.

Due to the stagnation of blood in the cavernous calf rectum is the formation of internal and external hemorrhoids that cause pain and bleeding.Formed clots and as soon as it happened, chronic disease becomes acute.These processes, accompanied by severe pain, making it virtually impossible the process of defecation.Therefore, great importance is the diet - a special diet in acute hemorrhoids.

this form of the disease occurs as internal hemorrhoids.In this case the nodes are located in the lumen of the rectum during acute and not visible from the outside.Diet for internal hemorrhoids is the same as in the usual form of the disease, excluding marinated, spicy, smoked, alcohol.It is not recommended to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables.

One of the fundamental ways to get rid of hemorrhoids is the

so-called hemorrhoidectomy, which allows you to quickly save the patient from symptoms of the disease.But the treatment of hemorrhoids does not end there.As after any surgery should be the recovery period, which requires compliance with certain recommendations.

Diet after hemorrhoids.How to eat?

man who had undergone surgery concerned with the question of what the consequences might be after the removal of hemorrhoids.How can they be avoided?What does it cost to abandon and that should be taken into account that the recovery period went smoothly and it was over as quickly as possible?

hemorrhoid condition to power directly related.The proper mode and nature of food intake depends on how regular will chair.Proper nutrition is especially necessary after the operation, as it may cause defecation gap joints, bleeding and infection joining.

One of the main conditions for successful recovery after surgery to remove the hemorrhoids - a correct and balanced diet.It is constructed on the following principles:

  • balanced meals and the full content of all the necessary nutrients in it;
  • split meals, 5-6 times a day, with small portions;
  • eating food that does not cause flatulence and prevents the healing of surgical wounds;
  • food should contribute to regular and soft chairs.
  • desirable in the first day after surgery hemorrhoidectomy in a patient would not have had a bowel movement, so of course it would be better to starve him.

On the second day already can eat such products, which are not capable of causing fermentation and flatulence:

  • greens, fruits and vegetables with a high content of coarse fiber of fiber, as well as extractives: cabbage, sorrel, radishes, turnips,garlic, onions, apples, radishes, gooseberries and raspberries;
  • all legumes: beans, peas, beans;
  • grapes, nuts, tangerines, raisins, black bread;
  • whole milk, soft drinks and kvass.

Proper nutrition after surgery as well as adherence to the diet at an exacerbation of hemorrhoids, involves total exclusion of products that enhance the blood circulation in the pelvis: pickled and spicy products, sausages, canned food, alcohol.It is necessary to minimize the use of indigestible protein products, such as pork, goose, lamb, and fungi.The same applies to the easily digestible carbohydrates: cakes, pastries, cakes, biscuits and sugar.

What can I eat after surgery

diet after surgery for hemorrhoids should include:

  1. Crumbly porridge made of buckwheat and millet groats.
  2. White bread, wholemeal, yesterday.
  3. Dairy products.
  4. Lean meat (chicken and beef).
  5. Fruits and vegetables.

in this case is considered to be the preferred protein and vegetable diet.Fish, meat, poultry, it is desirable to use boiled, stewed or baked form.The day is recommended to eat about 500 grams of fruit and vegetables rich in the fiber.Of the vegetables most useful beets, lettuce, cauliflower, pumpkin and carrots.

Of fruit recommended apples, bananas, plums, apricots.The latter can be replaced with dried apricots or prunes.Drinking fluids is recommended as much as possible, and it is better in the form of mineral water, juices, tea and soft drinks.In the period after the surgery a person should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day.

Plus to the bowel regular work but rationally chosen food, should eat special medicines that improve the consistency of the contents of the intestine and its movement through the intestines (Forlaks, Fitomutsil or Mukofalk).It is recommended to completely eliminate from your diet fried food.Dishes best steamed, boiled or put out.Proper diet after removal of hemorrhoids - an important factor, without which the full rehabilitation after surgery may be delayed for a longer period or even accompanied by complications of a different nature.

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