Traditional methods of treatment of hemorrhoids and their action

Realizing the seriousness of the problem, but afraid to see a doctor for help, many people are looking for effective traditional methods of hemorrhoid treatment.They are really a lot, and very different, but they all benefit?Perhaps they only aggravate the course of the disease?Let's investigate.

Treating hemorrhoids

potatoes Raw potatoes - a very valuable product with a whole bunch of useful properties.In folk medicine, it is used for a long time, and therefore can not be doubted its effectiveness.

The process of the treatment of hemorrhoids potatoes carried out as follows.Raw potatoes must be carefully cleaned and then cut out of it a candle the size of a little finger (length - 3-5 cm), one end of which must be blunt.Introducing such a candle anus need for several hours, preferably overnight.

If discomfort is felt, the surface can be lubricated with honey.Removing candle itself does not need to, in the process of defecation, it will be released independently.ivayuschim action, and so it copes wi

th the pain, itching and irritation of the mucous and helps heal wounds and cracks.Vitamin C, which is also present in the composition of the product, due to its beneficial properties reinforces the vessel walls while reducing bleeding hemorrhoids uzlov.Kartofel also has anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling and voltage at the nodes.

Raw potatoes can still grate, put in a piece of cloth, and from time to time to press to the sore spot.It is also possible to use potato juice.To do this, a tablespoon of this substance should be given during the night the syringe into the anus.The course of the treatment - 10 days.

Treatment of birch tar

overestimate the usefulness of this product is very difficult.It perfectly removes pain, both aching and sharp, blunt, and jerking, eliminates swelling and relieves stress components, and promotes rapid healing of fractures and wounds in the rectal area.Birch tar is a barrier to the penetration of various infections, as well as an excellent natural antiseptic.This product can be applied both to the first stages of the disease and on the latter.

For internal hemorrhoids, you must first take a sitz bath of solution of potassium permanganate, and then take oiled birch tar and a tampon inserted into the rectum.

conduct such procedures is necessary before the disappearance of pain and other symptoms.Some have noted that during this procedure feel a burning sensation, but this reaction is quite natural and poses no danger.For external hemorrhoids dropped hemorrhoids should be lubricated with diluted degtem.I yet.Birch tar is part of the Vishnevsky ointment, and therefore its use for hemorrhoids is quite justified.


Another popular way to treat hemorrhoids is aloe.This plant is now present almost on every windowsill, but because it is one of the most affordable "doctors" at the present time.It is necessary to take a clean piece of aloe, squeeze the gel out of it, and put this stuff for 10 minutes in the refrigerator.Then apply it to the affected area 2-3 times a day

frequent constipation When this gel is recommended to be taken orally, pre-diluted with water.But it is important to know that the treatment of hemorrhoids, not all aloe suitable.It is strictly prohibited its use in pregnancy, kidney, liver, gall bladder, and uterine bleeding in women.

garlic Therapy

Garlic - the product, the beneficial properties of which everyone knows.It relieves pain, reduces inflammation, destroys and prevents infection.

Use garlic for the treatment of hemorrhoids in several ways:

  • Ointment garlic.
  • Candles.
  • Garlic baths.

For external hemorrhoids ointment should be used.The process of its preparation is simple: 200 g finely chopped garlic and a teaspoon of honey added a quarter cup of milk and heat over low heat until thickened.Next, this mass was triturated and allowed to stand for 2-3 hours.The ointment is ready!She should be lubricated with hemorrhoids, as well as to put on a tampon and apply on all night to the affected places.

When an internal hemorrhoid is recommended to use candles.For the preparation of garlic was passed twice through a meat grinder and mixed with the same amount of oil that previously languishing in a water bath.This entire mixture was thoroughly mixed and filled molds previously prepared funnel of thick paper, and then frozen in a refrigerator.Before using this wrapper is removed, and the candle itself is inserted into the rectum through the night.

for sedentary baths need to take a head of garlic, finely chop it, and then mixed with five liters of warm water and immerse yourself in it for 15 minutes.Do you need on a daily basis.Instead of water can also be used half a liter of fresh milk, but then stay in it should be increased to 20 minutes and spend no more than 10 consecutive days.

Bay Leaf

Another popular treatment for hemorrhoids is a bay leaf.For this purpose, its decoction, eating and drinking like, and as a means of baths, enemas and poultices.It is possible to apply both early and late stages of the disease.

When dropped out knots cure hemorrhoids laurel listomprovodyat manner: 10 grams of crushed leaves thoroughly and then pour boiling water and leave for an hour.Thus infusion impregnated tampon, and from time to time applied to the hemorrhoidal nodes.

sitz baths are useful for all kinds of hemorrhoids.They are trained in the ratio as follows: 100 grams of bay leaf poured 5 liters of boiled water.It is then cooled to the desired temperature, and taken daily in the evening.


very common herbal treatment for hemorrhoids.Many prepared broths with chamomile, nettle, yarrow, burdock, St. John's wort and many others.Separately want to say about wormwood.

Treating hemorrhoids dry wormwood - is a very effective and efficient method.It is used for herbal teas for the bath, cleaning the enemas and make lotions and compresses.In addition, it is very effective is the tincture, which is prepared as follows: a tablespoon of herbs mixed with 100 ml.medical alcohol, placed in a dark, opaque container for 10 days.

Take 2 times a day during meals, pre-diluted in water in a ratio of 1 : 3. In addition, the dry sagebrush - a great preventative tool, the use of which will eliminate forever the possibility of hemorrhoids.


to folk prescription treatment for hemorrhoids include the use of leeches.Oddly enough, but this is tested and approved by many methods, which should conduct an experienced specialist.Besides, getting in this way by the disease, can simultaneously treat pelvic organs, the liver and improve the entire body.Treatment with leeches hemorrhoids need to exercise once a week.

Leeches (no more than 4 units), put it on the hemorrhoids.During such a procedure may appear quite prolonged bleeding, but no need to worry, as this is the blood does not participate in the general circulation.Using leeches can keep from having surgery.

Treating hemorrhoids cold

Cold baths, compresses, ice candle - a great help in this disease.Such method of treating such diseases freezes anus nerve endings, reducing pain and cause spasm of blood vessels, stopping bleeding.

Important!Use cold completely contraindicated for those people that have the inflammatory processes in the pelvis (men - prostatitis, women - adnexitis, endometritis).

Find out how to treat hemorrhoids folk remedies will not be difficult, but it is a way to determine which is right for you - quite a challenge.In addition, many of the above methods have contraindications.

So before you start a popular hemorrhoid treatment is better to consult a doctor.

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