How to do massage for bronchitis in children ?

Because the respiratory system of the child is not formed until the end, even a slight inflammation of the bronchial tubes can lead to stagnation of phlegm in them.That is why bronchitis along with medication for children is shown massage.

Massage bronchitis in children used to improve the expectoration of phlegm, removing bronchial spasms and inflammation.It can help you prevent the occurrence of various complications of the disease and strengthen the immune system of the sick child.The following explains how to make proeduru bronchitis children.

Types of massage bronchitis

Bronchitis used several types of massages, including:

  • drain;
  • chest compressions;
  • cupping;
  • point;
  • vibration;
  • honey.

One of the most effective types of bronchitis in children is considered to drain the kind that is most commonly used in the treatment of acute bronchitis in children.

It is held only if the child's body temperature is not too high.Equipment of this type of complexity is no different, so it is quite

possible to do yourself.

Before the procedure, it is necessary to ventilate the room, then put the baby on the breast pad or cushion in such a way that his head was below the torso.This so-called drainage posture, providing a more efficient output of phlegm from the body.

then lightly rub the baby's back with your fingers, then you can go directly to the massage.By doing back massage, back to two fingers from the spine to the side flanks on each side and follow the short twenty-tingling motion like catching a wave from the middle of the back to the shoulders.

Repeat this set of movements twice more, each time retreating towards the sides of two fingers, then do twenty stroking movements in the direction of the shoulders.Finally, twenty times swipe edge of his hand on the shoulder on the same diagonal direction.Massage should be done twice a day for 15 minutes for young children and 25 to 30 minutes for older children.

effect drainage massage bronchitis increase if for half an hour before it starts to give the child an expectorant.Add complex can massage the chest described above.For the meeting the child must lie on your back with knees bent legs.

Massage chest for bronchitis involves stroking, pound, clasping and pressing movements.First, rub the palms of both hands and stroking the child's chest from the bottom up, that is, from the ribs to the neck, when you exhale gently pressing on the chest.

Repeat this movement 10 - 15 times, then go to Bow movements.Massage the chest kid, from the sides and moving toward its center.Finish by rubbing action of the intercostal muscles.

Vibrating view bronchitis is a pat on the back of the child's hand, folded "boat."If the child is very small, just enough to knock his fingertips on his intercostal spaces.This procedure lasts a few minutes, after which the child should cough.

Other massages

Acupressure bronchitis, as a rule, is in addition to other species.He is special massaging trigger points in the body of the child.

So, massage antitussive point where converge the clavicle, improves cough.

Massaging this point should be within a few minutes with circular movements of the middle finger counterclockwise.

Another type of baby massage for bronchitis is cupping.Jar bronhiteprovoditsya when using special medical jars, which are imposed as a rule, on the back.

skin at the site overlay banks smeared baby cream, Vaseline or olive oil.Banks themselves are imposed by means of burning cotton swab dipped in alcohol, and due to the thin air stick to the skin, pulling it.Tiny enough to put two jars: one between the spine and the shoulder blade on each side.

It is very important to calm the baby before the procedure, saving him the most excitement and alertness.Once banks have installed, you can start to massage.

not separating banks from skin, turn smoothly move them in different directions for a few minutes.Then, remove the jars and cover with a cotton cloth back and then a blanket.

Finally a few words about how to cure bronchitis in a child with the help of honey massage with bronchitis.For this type of massage require natural honey.Put him on his stomach and gently rub his back.

Then apply a small amount of slightly heated honey on the area of ​​the bronchi and implement Clap movement until then, until the skin on the back will not be nearly dry, then cover the baby with a blanket.

In conclusion, it should be said that massage for acute bronchitis promotes speedy recovery of the patient.In chronic bronchitis, makes it easier for the disease and is part of the comprehensive treatment.

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