Ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids and its property

One common disease is a hemorrhoid.Long-term debilitating illness for accompanying deterioration of the patient's quality of life, defined their considerable anguish.Developing locally hemorrhoids leads to transformation and thinning of the blood vessels.Blood way become brittle and sensitive, and their walls - thin and fragile.Hemorrhoids are free and can sometimes come out of the body.

This situation requires urgent intervention proctologist.Otherwise, the fabric will inevitably be diminished, causing pain;triggered by the development of tissue necrosis.Based on the foregoing, the hemorrhoid is quite terrible disease that requires urgent action when the manifestation of the first symptoms.

The treatment of hemorrhoids

For successful elimination of discomfort and a speedy recovery is not necessary to immediately resort to surgery.Local treatment may be carried out using a number of candles.With the success also use the ointment for hemorrhoids.It is worth noting the spread of various ointments and

gels that are sold in every pharmacy.

Contrary to popular belief, an ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids can effectively act on the affected area, in no way inferior drug effects of drugs in the form of candles.The combination of active ingredients in various pharmaceutical forms of release can count on a favorable outcome of the disease.The application of ointments and suppositories for hemorrhoids defines fast hemorrhoid treatment without surgery.

What affects the medicinal purpose?

specific form of the drug does not determine the rapid treatment of hemorrhoids.The choice of drug in any form is based on taking into account a number of factors:

  • patient's age;
  • nature of the disease;
  • condition of blood vessels;
  • stage of the disease;
  • what manifestation of disease symptoms;
  • patient preferences.

Effective methods of hemorrhoid treatment involves the use of a plurality of drugs of the local spectrum.

should be noted that as a result of the practice of physician-proctologist can repeatedly change ointment or candle.It is caused by obstruction of the formation of environment to which the body just gets used.In addition, by applying various ointments cropped those or other symptoms, as well as to the therapeutic effect.

Main ointments for hemorrhoids

Below is an ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids of different compositions, which proved to be effective in eliminating the symptoms and treatment of hemorrhoids:

  • Heparin ointment.Heparin - the main active ingredient - acts on the inflammatory lesions, eliminating the irritation and itching, activates the resorption of hematomas and bruises that occur as a result of damage to the vascular structures.It is often considered a major hematoma symptoms of hemorrhoids in pregnant women.Timely application of this ointment for hemorrhoids prevent its further spread;
  • Liniment (ointment) Vishnevsky safe for pregnant women.This ointment is administered in complex medical procedures for hemorrhoids.The composition has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect.But do not apply ointment uncontrollably.It is applied after only four days of manganese potassium lotions on the affected areas;
  • Ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids Fleming among other things safe for young mothers, as its components do not contain toxic substances.Careful patient exposure ointment makes it suitable for the treatment of disease in young patients and elderly people;
  • Ointment during lactation - an effective tool for the treatment of hemorrhoids during lactation nursing mothers;
  • Proktozan able to provide relief of pain and eliminate debilitating itching.In addition, this facility opened stops bleeding.Startled location faster healing and recovering;
  • Troxevasin answer to the question "how to treat external hemorrhoids?" The use of funds will strengthen the walls of affected vessels, to ensure the restoration of the epithelial layer, remove the swelling of tissues.Non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids, which gets wet, do not be without this tool;
  • Relief is based on raw materials of animal origin - shark liver.It allows you to carry the drug is favorable.Experts recommend the use of proctologist ointment in combination with candles with the same active ingredient and brand.
  • term treatment for hemorrhoids will be smaller if you begin drug therapy with the appearance of early symptoms or for prevention;
  • Gepatrombin - directional tool, which provides anesthetic and thrombolytic effect."How to treat external hemorrhoids," - first and foremost, it is necessary to apply Gepatrombin;
  • Posterisan ensure early recovery of the skin due to the activation of epithelial regeneration function;very good for background disease or weakened immunity;
  • Bezornil considered an excellent tool that can help in the development of the second stage of hemorrhoids.The drug can be used as an external agent, and injecting inside.
  • analgesic ointment sure to come in handy at the expressed painful syndrome.
  • Proctosedyl based hydrocortisone has anti-inflammatory effect, contributing also to heal the crack.

How to treat hemorrhoids in men and women?Given the distinct aspect of the local manifestations of disease, it is necessary to work in the affected areas.Gel from hemorrhoids and various ointments are suitable for this purpose perfectly.

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