Candles from hemorrhoids : species , contraindications

is a disease like hemorrhoids enough trouble, I can even say intimate.In addition, there is a very strong cutting pain, and in severe conditions or exacerbations.

Of course, when the first symptoms should contact a specialist.However, symptoms and possible methods of treatment should be considered at least to recognize the disease and be able to help the campaign to the doctor.

So hemorrhoids - a disease in which the veins are expanded at the entrance to the rectum.They constitute the nodes, called hemorrhoids.These components deliver the most discomfort.In disease have several kinds of treatment, one of which is used for hemorrhoids candles.

The idea is one of the most effective methods, because the drug has an effect directly on the site of inflammation.Moreover, in various forms, there are different candles from hemorrhoids.They are produced from natural raw materials, it may be even plant extracts and "animals", for example, the use of shark oil.The price of candles from hemorrhoids will vary

depending on the materials used in the manufacture.

That's why you have to wonder, what are the species, and what candles from hemorrhoids better.
Consider different kinds of candles in order.So you will soon find you need for yourself and eliminate, at least unpleasant symptoms.By the way, I must say that there are two varieties: the spark of internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids by candles.The difference between these species in pain.

For internal manifestation is only possible bleeding, while the outer felt a very strong pain and itching in the anus.

  1. candles from hemorrhoids buckthorn - a perfect cure, it helps even in severe forms.Since ancient times, sea buckthorn is famous for its miraculous properties.In fact, these berries - one of the best natural remedies healing.Sea buckthorn oil penetrates into the micro cracks that cause itching and burning in the anus for hemorrhoids.In addition to the healing properties of sea buckthorn acts as an antiviral, antimicrobial and antiseptic material.In general, it is desirable to use homeopathic candles from hemorrhoids, they are natural and more forgiving to the body.
  2. Candles with belladonna.This is more painkillers candle at a hemorrhoids, although medicinal properties of this plant does not hold.But first and foremost with the correct formulation of candles extract relieve pain and spasms that can occur with the disease.As a complement to the comprehensive treatment, candles with belladonna hemorrhoids - a good thing.At primary and milder forms of the disease as well.
  3. caution in the application should be with adrenaline.The fact that one of the best hemostatic products are just candles from hemorrhoids with adrenaline.They really anesthetized and stop bleeding quickly enough.However, it is no secret that the adrenaline can affect blood pressure, so high blood pressure, as well as elderly people, these candles are not recommended.
  4. Glycerin suppositories for hemorrhoids have several properties.First, they prevent constipation, because the inflamed nodes often cause stagnation of feces, and as a result - the appearance of cracks and wounds that cause the very unpleasant symptoms.Secondly, promote healing of skin and mucous membranes.Moreover, glycerine - a very myagkodeystvuyuschy material.
  5. According to one of the reasons for the use of glycerin suppositories used laxatives and suppositories for hemorrhoids on the basis of bisacodyl.It affects the problem, so to speak, on both sides.The first - contributes to the reduction of the rectum, the second - increases the production of intestinal mucus, which coats the stool and promotes more rapid and painless exit them.Using any candle at a hemorrhoids need to be careful, as with laxatives - even more so.Better before using consult your doctor.
  6. course, this disease is not only adults, it is not so common, but occurs in children.For this there are special candles from hemorrhoids for children.In fact, the curing agent are the same, only in a few times reduced dose.
  7. Application of musk, for example, is used to make Chinese candles from hemorrhoids.Of course, they are not only on the basis of this component, but it is most often used as a relaxant and antispasmodic action.
  8. not the high price of methyluracyl candle at a hemorrhoids allows you to use them quite extensively.These candles due to the drug's ability to influence the metabolic processes (metabolism) promote rapid regeneration of cells and, as a consequence, rapid healing of wounds.

As you can see, the choice of drugs is very large.And it's hard to name the best of them candles from hemorrhoids.Remember it is necessary that hemorrhoids - a pathological condition.And in most cases without the intervention it just heals, but occasionally continues to bother.

also often raises the question of what the cheapest candles from hemorrhoids.You can certainly give a few examples, let's say, the candles on the basis of benzocaine, but they only remove the symptoms, so it is best to use a homeopathic candles.The price of homeopathic hemorrhoid, of course, will be higher, but use no less.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

Let's list the most of the symptoms that can become the first bell for going to the drugstore for candles if medical consultation is possible only after some time.

  1. pain.Pain felt cutting and sharp, usually with external hemorrhoids.They are accompanied by itching, feeling of heaviness.In more serious cases, a person can not even sit down - so much pain.Usually, it causes damage to the tissue.In these little damage gets feces, then the itching starts.
  2. blood.Not necessarily with hemorrhoids should be heavy bleeding.But traces can be detected both in the feces and in the napkin.
  3. spasm.This symptom appears periodically.Muscles are reduced, leading to pain due to inflammation.
  4. Frequent urging, again, all because of the contractions of the rectum, which is trying to get rid of "foreign bodies".
  5. Sometimes nodes greatly crawl out, in this case, it is often necessary surgery.

So, we can say with certainty that the majority of symptoms candles removed.But in severe cases, still require more drastic methods.Also, using a candle, you need to be especially careful to pregnant and lactating.This applies even homeopathy, because not all herbs are safe for the fetus, even though the naturalness.

In many cases, of course, is not recommended in general taking any medication.Then the doctors advised to look at the ratio of: the use of mother - harm to the child, if the benefits are many times greater than the harm, the drug can be used.But, as has been stated previously, the ideal option - not to self, but to consult specialists.They will help you choose a complex treatment, which in combination with the correct mode of the day will forget about the disease.

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