Candles for bleeding hemorrhoids : forms, methods of application

Risk earn hemorrhoids have everyone.Hemorrhoids in Greek means "bleeding".This diagnosis has been ranked among the rectum diseases.The appearance of the disease is due primarily to lifestyle, nutrition, inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, engaged in heavy sports with heavy physical work, obesity, tendency to constipation.

Hemorrhoids are divided into internal and external.Treatment for hemorrhoids can be both operative and conservative.When conservative treatment the best remedy for hemorrhoids - candles.Candles are widely used in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

main advantage of candles - it's efficiency, speed of action, easy to use.Candles for bleeding hemorrhoids is only used for internal hemorrhoids.Candles are multi-component and multi-directional action, thus have anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, analgesic and sedative svoystvami.Krovoostanavlivayuschie candle at a hemorrhoids - a first aid to stop bleeding, remove the itching, pain and discomfort.

Bleeding - the main symptom of hemorr

main symptoms of hemorrhoids are bleeding, pain, especially when the act of defecation, itching, burning, bulging of the nodes from the rectum.Bleeding usually occurs after trauma hemorrhoids when fecal stones damage the mucosa of the anus.Often bleeding is profuse, but in most cases there are spotting.

Bleeding possible in various diseases.Special caution should be bleeding from the rectum after 40 years.In these cases should consult a proctologist.The problem of stopping bleeding hemorrhoids is relevant, but have shown themselves most effectively candles from hemorrhoids with bleeding.

Variety of candles for the treatment of hemorrhoids

to stop bleeding and healing wounds and fractures using rectal suppositories for hemorrhoids that contain thrombin and adrenaline.Adrenaline added to the candles with bleeding hemorrhoids.These candles have a good hemostatic effect, perfectly relieve pain in the anus.

But candles with adrenaline is recommended mainly for young patients as well as in more advanced age, there may be hypertensive disease (epinephrine constricts blood vessels and raises blood pressure).Most candles from hemorrhoids - a candle containing thrombin, which is the active component involved in blood clotting.These candles quickly and effectively stop the bleeding.

Another type of candles for the treatment of hemorrhoids - methyluracyl who have good healing properties.That is why the use of these candles when bleeding hemorrhoids leading to rapid recovery of damaged tissue and stop bleeding.Rectal suppositories propolis extract also used to treat the problem.They increase blood coagulation, relieve pain, itching, burning and discomfort in the anus.

There homeopathic candles from hemorrhoids with bleeding, which contain sea buckthorn or fir oil, extracts of St. John's wort, yarrow and wormwood.These candles accelerate the healing of wounds, fractures, thereby stopping the bleeding.To stop bleeding in the home can be prepared ice candles.They are well constrict the blood vessels, stop bleeding and relieve pain.

How to put a candle at a hemorrhoids

When buying candles for many there is a correct and pertinent question - how to put the candles from hemorrhoids?Candles are placed on the hemorrhoids in the evening before going to sleep, after a bowel movement and anus processing.For this plug is released from the cellophane envelope and quickly, so as not melted in the hand is inserted into the anus.

not recommended then get up and walk about 30 minutes.During this time the candle has time to melt and disappear.Rectal suppositories for hemorrhoids solid in consistency, but with the introduction into the melting rapidly, providing a local therapeutic effect on the affected tissue.

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