Candles for the treatment of hemorrhoids : brands and varieties

This "delicate" condition as hemorrhoids, are now increasingly common.Suffer them not only to people of middle and old age, but also young people.

to potential risk include pregnant women and those who:

  • suffers from inflammation in the pelvic area;
  • spends eight-hour day sitting;
  • obese and sedentary;
  • often drink alcohol.

Most people do not think about prevention, and even when the first symptoms of hemorrhoids are in no hurry to resort to the treatment, losing thereby precious time.On the first or second stage of development, when the disease is accompanied by a burning sensation and a rare bleeding quite often resort to the use of local therapy - ointments and suppositories.

Treating hemorrhoids candles

Candles - quite a good option in the treatment of hemorrhoids, because they have many advantages over other drugs.In the treatment of hemorrhoids candles allergy occurs very rarely, a substance released into the bloodstream faster.Ease of application allows you to use candles for older people

who are experiencing difficulties in self-service without difficulty.Instructions to candles from hemorrhoids will quickly learn about the features of the drug and its contraindications.

hemorrhoids Most often observed in men (80%).The reason for this can be hard work, classes ponderous sports, often neglect their own health.The delicacy of such problems as hemorrhoids, affects the emotional state of men - he became more irritable and rude.

candles from hemorrhoids for men are more acceptable than other methods of treatment such as baths, etc. The man often guided by the rule:.. "The simpler, the better."Hemorrhoids can occur in men compared to other diseases, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia.In this case, the treatment can be carried out single-drug.Effective candles from hemorrhoids and prostatitis are, for example, methyluracyl or candles with propolis.

candles from hemorrhoids with propolis

about the healing properties of propolis is written very much.To list all the advantages of this treatment simply does not make sense.on the basis of propolis Candles hemorrhoids help relieve pain, burning, contribute to the resumption of normal blood circulation, have antibacterial and absorbing effects.

Moreover, propolis helps strengthen the internal defenses in the body and accelerate the healing process.Not suitable such treatment only to people who are allergic to propolis, the use of which may aggravate the situation.The use of candles from hemorrhoids with propolis is harmless and very effective.

Candles with ihtiola

For fast pain relief in the early stages of hemorrhoids are used ihtiolovye candles that do well with pathogenic bacteria, thus eliminating inflammation.The use of candles ihtiolovaya hemorrhoids helps to quickly eliminate all the symptoms (for several weeks), showing that a relatively high efficiency of the drug.

Ice candles

Increasingly proctology recommend the use of cold in the fight against hemorrhoids.When exposed to cold in the affected area are frozen nerve endings, so that the person does not feel pain.As a result, the affected tissues themselves rejected by the body without external surgery, without leaving even a scar.Candles easy to prepare at home.

The paper molds filled with water and frozen.Instead of water, you can also use herbal teas.A candle is inserted into the anus first half a minute, and then, after three to five days, added another half a minute.

Treating hemorrhoids ice candles contributes to narrowing of blood vessels and restore normal blood flow.Ice candles are suitable for use with hemorrhoids in advanced.

Candles with anesthetics from hemorrhoids

For fast pain relief candles are used for hemorrhoids, containing anesthetics such as benzocaine and procaine.Candles with novocaine hemorrhoids and anal fissures help relieve pain that can accompany a hike to the toilet.

Do not use these candles to patients who have allergic reactions to procaine (or other active ingredient in the formulation) were seen.These candles have an effect on people driving or operating machinery.They are not suitable for the treatment of recurrent, poorly healing hemorrhoids.

Candles potato

Another way to treat hemorrhoids, who came to us from folk medicine is the use of candles, carved out of potatoes.Sam potato contains a large amount of starch, which has a shielding effect, fiber, pectin and nitrogenous substances acids.

Vnarodnoy medicine raw potatoes has gained popularity in the treatment of internal diseases, such as gastritis and ulcers.For the treatment of hemorrhoids mature tuber is cut candle diameter of about 1.5 cm and a length of 5 cm. With the introduction of the candle must be lubricated with honey or sunflower oil.

procedure is best done before bedtime, leaving the candle in the anus for a few hours.Candles of potatoes from gemorroyatselesoobrazno used at any stage of the disease.This will reduce bleeding and swelling in hemorrhoids.

Herbal candles

candles from hemorrhoids herbs are very popular and more than available.For low-candles from gemorroyaotnosyatsya preparations of plant-based with belladonna, calendula, buckthorn.Candles with belladonna - such candles have analgesic and healing effect.Sam herb extract may be used in other comprehensive candlelight.Effective candles also with anal fissures.

However, with all the advantages, much more often than other drugs may cause side effects - drowsiness, dry mouth, sleep disorders, etc. Candles with sea buckthorn -.. These candles have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.Due to the complex of vitamins and fatty acids that make up, they contribute to the rapid recovery of damaged tissues.Treatment of hemorrhoids with sea buckthorn candles will also help to treat anal fissures.

Candles Calendula - have bactericidal properties, are effective in the early stages of disease development.Relatively harmless and non-toxic and can be applied during pregnancy and lactation.The use of candles for the prevention of hemorrhoids does not make sense, since people at risk of the disease or recurrence, should review your lifestyle, diet, habits, and that will allow to forget about hemorrhoids forever.

Instructions for use

recommended to enter the candles in the evening before going to bed, after hygienic procedures and evacuation.Suppositories extracted from an individual package and then inserted into the anus.Under the influence of body heat will melt the drug and then useful therapeutic agents produce their effect.

possible to cure hemorrhoids candles?If treatment is started on time, and after the disappearance of all symptoms of the patient adheres to the regulations, the probability of the return of this disease is very small.Determine what specific spark and better suited for you, can only help the proctologist.

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