Treatment of asthmatic bronchitis in adults and children

Bronchitis - is the most common currently respiratory disease.Depending on the regularity and degree of inflammation and bronchitis symptoms manifest themselves divided into different types.

Thus during exacerbation of the disease is necessary to establish an accurate diagnosis and, consequently, to take measures for treatment.

fact, for example, asthmatic bronchitis treatment requires ness

How much more than the smoker's bronchitis.

Signs and symptoms

obstructive bronchitis with asthmatic component, as any inflammation of the respiratory organs, begins to cough.

first few days, as a rule, a dry cough, choking, manifested attacks, often in the morning and in the evening before going to bed, in some cases, the coughing often haunts the patient at night and interfere with sleep.

a few days can begin outflow of sputum, asthmatic bronchitis in adults is often accompanied by expectoration of sputum green, but can these emissions be transparent.

Chronic bronchitis with an asthmatic component is

not quite typical for this category of diseases symptom - serious respiratory disorders.

Thus it is difficult to breathe as you exhale, may appear a feeling of suffocation easy.The disease has an average level of danger, but in the absence of timely treatment can progress into asthma or other chronic diseases of the respiratory system.

With long-term existence of the disease increases the risk of complications - both on the part of the respiratory system and other organs and body systems.

Treatment of bronchitis with an asthmatic component

Therapy disease should start with establishing the causes of asthmatic bronchitis - lechenieposle assign this will be relatively easy.

Unlike all other types of bronchitis, chronic bronchitis with asthmatic component is most often caused by the poor quality of the inhaled air and the presence in it of harmful impurities.

It is possible to parallel the development of viral infections, and other diseases that may afflict the patient's condition.

If diagnosed with bronchitis - treatment should be relevant and it must necessarily include a reception expectorants to cleanse the bronchi from mucus and humidifying respiratory tract - through inhalation (for that will suit even the most affordable solutions with an alkaline reaction, for example, soda).

Even with such serious diseases such as asthmatic bronchitis - Treatment of folk remedies can give good results.Many of the recipes used in folk medicine, are no worse than the medications.

Thus they are quite safe, and many of them can be used to treat inflammatory respiratory tract in children.

How to treat asthmatic bronchitis, if the disease is complicated by general malaise, fever and a runny nose?With such a complex of symptoms to deal with each of them individually should - use antipyretic drugs and make the procedure for removing the temperature, to perform nasal irrigation and apply a drop of cold.

If obstructive bronchitis with asthmatic komponentomprohodit with strong attacks of breathlessness, is to purchase a portable inhaler and always carry it with you.

means of this type is excellent relieve attacks and help to live a full life.Asthmatic bronchitis in adults and children for an effective treatment also requires limited contact with the source of allergies and improve air quality, the patient inhaled.

House recommended to humidify the air, until full recovery is also recommended to wear a gauze bandage in places busy, traffic, and other areas with heavy air pollution.

order to forget about the asthmatic bronchitis, you must completely give up smoking, and do not go to places where a lot of smokers.

thing is that the substances released into the atmosphere by burning cigarettes, can irritate the respiratory organs and cause bronchospasm in contact with the bronchi, even in small quantities.

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