Treatment of asthma - the best therapies

human health - is not just a good feeling, first of all, it is the prevention of disease and the strict monitoring of their body.One of the most unpleasant diseases - asthma.

Why "unpleasant"?Because the disease is even too noticeable and troublesome.

Definition and symptoms of the disease

People with this disease very rapidly react to changes in air patterns (increase, decrease humidity, atmospheric pressure change, and so on. D.), A variety of odors and other (more detailed description of the agents below).And the treatment of asthma is very problematic.

main pathogens can be divided into several groups according to common criteria.

  1. Medical Group.It is certain medications, such as aspirin, analgin, penicillin and others.
  2. Chemical Group.This could include home chemistry, various fabrics, chemical fumes, and other construction materials.
  3. organic group.Animals, insects, pollen, grass, trees, and other.
  4. Food Group.For it is possible to carry the best known food allergens, citrus fruits, eggs
    , fish, and some dairy products.The rest depends on the characteristics of the organism.

disease may have several varieties, due to occur.For example, allergic asthma treatment which is also carried out using preparations arises against allergic reactions.It must be said that this form of the disease is the most common.All due to the fact that 90% of children and nearly 50% of adults have allergic to anything.That is why the treatment of asthma in children is most prevalent.

Symptoms of asthma include:

  • cough,
  • pant,
  • shortness of breath.

All of them are due to the fact that the bronchial tubes begin to shrink time to time, so some may complain also of pain in the chest.

Technique asthma

way to keep the disease under control a lot.One of the most common is the treatment of asthma homeopathy.The fact that it is the most homeopathic preparations are safe since they are based on natural components.And the side effects practically unlikely, only in those cases where there are some contraindications to the use of certain components.

second way, so to speak, an alternative in which the treatment of asthma folk remedies fully accepts.However, with all folk remedies must be very careful, and even better to consult a doctor.In particular, if the asthma is allergic necessarily need advice.

Of course, we often prefer to diagnose themselves and come up with treatment, but the asthma, the causes of which may be different, is not a joke.As for the treatment of cough in asthma, this is usually appointed by the various mitigating and syrups expectorants, which help to reduce the discomfort and reduce cough.Antibiotics can also be used (and this happens more often).

If we talk about asthma heart, its treatment is quite different from bronchial.When there is a very large load on the pulmonary circulation.

Asthma - a very serious disease, but not a sentence.Now underway to develop new methods of treatment and maintenance of the body.New in the treatment of asthma - diagnosing of organism by means of a specific set of manipulations and search method only individual.

Schimmel test is performed for the diagnosis.This vegetative test that helps identify not only clear the pathogen, but also the degree of damage to the respiratory tract.Also, thanks to him, you can even see the profound defeat of the organism and its individual components, bacterial intoxication and heavy toxic load on the internal organs and the entire operating system.

only after the test and a diagnostic using the electron-wave scanner can make adequate and proper treatment that will help to forget about it for a long time illness.

The course itself consists of several components, which are complex and give a huge result.

Its main components:

  • Eliminating parasitic, bacterial, fungal, viral load using the sessions on special devices that apply to ATM series.
  • recovery of affected areas of the body, particularly of the upper respiratory tract by means of sessions on the bio-resonance therapy.
  • cleansing the body of toxic waste products.
  • With psychosomatic and osteopathic techniques work to restore the nervous and endocrine systems, significantly strengthens the immune system.

Such manipulations are performed in specialized centers, under the supervision of experienced physicians.

More traditional methods of diagnosis - this is a test on the skin.In the process of carrying out on a tiny patch of skin is applied presumptive allergen.Well, and of course, blood.This is a test to determine the immunoglobulin E.

And if the diagnosis has been made, and that allergic asthma, is to feel good is less desirable to deal with pathogens.As for the street, we do not recommend a lot of walk through the gardens and parks in the period of flowering plants and flowers.This is usually the end of spring, beginning of summer.

Everywhere should observe good personal hygiene, and especially at home, because house dust contains a large number of disease-causing microbes, including causing asthma.

mattress, pillows and blankets should be packed in hypoallergenic covers that prevent the growth of bacteria.And, of course, it must be changed at least once a week.Less face with the animals.If this fails, you should ventilate the room more often and do wet cleaning (with minimal use of chemicals or without it at all).

again, summing up, I want to highlight the most important: any disease can not tolerate self and just necessarily require the supervision of qualified physicians.

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