Removing an asthma attack and how it manifests itself

If you answer a very important question that excites a great number of people - how to remove an asthma attack, it is necessary to accurately represent what kind of asthma is involved.

Violation of air intake and normal gas exchange, suffocation can occur in the pathology of the respiratory and cardiovascular system.
When cardiac asthma, for whatever reasons occurs in the alveoli propotevanie liquid part of blood, which significantly limits itself respiratory surface of the lungs.

reason for the attack becomes a sharp spasm of the muscles of the bronchi and increased production of secretions in them, which limits the possibility of air into the lung tissue.

Accordingly, effective help in these conditions will be completely different:

  • attack of cardiac asthma cropped prescription drugs that enhance the contractility of the heart muscle, reduces peripheral vascular resistance, blood volume;
  • treat seizure drugs that suppress the excessive production of bronchial glands secretion, relieve spasms
    of smooth muscle fibers arranged in the wall of the bronchus and suppress the production of mediators (conductors) inflammatory or allergic reactions.

How does the disease

To answer the question - how to manifest asthma and whether it is possible to distinguish between suffocation that occurs when a disease of the respiratory and circulatory system, it should be remembered that in a fit of cardiac asthma patient deteriorates the ability to breath.

In this case, the patient experiences difficulty in breath - the alveoli of the lungs, fluid-filled, can not be used for the normal process of gas exchange and often shallow breathing leads to the fact that the liquid quickly turns into a foam that starts to fill the bronchi,and may trigger additional bronchospasm.Such patients first aid only create a relaxed atmosphere and a challenge "Ambulance" is limited to asthma at home.

When fit, regardless of its origin, the patient violated exhale - in light air is relatively normal, but to go through sharp bronchoconstriction can not, as a result of lung tissue is inflated.

In an attempt to alleviate their condition the body is actively engaging the auxiliary respiratory muscles - intercostal, and at each respiratory movement gaps between the ribs protrude and retract.It is important to know that in this case the temperature may increase in asthma - especially in infectious and allergic genesis of the disease.

With such choking complications occur only if the first aid when it has not been provided on time and in full - the patient develops asthma status, requires immediate resuscitation.

about how to remove an asthma attack

If the patient develops an asthma attack - what to do, how and in what order his relatives should know well before this point, because of the aid effectiveness often depends on the prognosis of the disease and the patient's life.

  1. The patient should try to soothe, provide fresh air, a high position in bed in a fit of cardiac asthma or help fix the belt of the upper extremity of bronchial asthma and immediately call "ambulance."
  2. Folk remedies are effective only in the part that relates distraction therapy or rubbing.Herbs are completely useless - they can trigger additional asthma, but they can not create the desired concentration of anti-asthmatic agents in the blood.
  3. When bronchospasm in asthma inhalers are effective - they contain substances that can suppress the attack at the very beginning.It is important to know that any spray more than the specified in the instructions to the drug quantity can not eat - can develop a paradoxical reaction.In addition, the patient should be given an antihistamine or hormonal drug prescribed by a doctor - it will help to suppress allergic reactions, regardless of the reasons for its development.
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