Classification of asthma , what causes this disease ?

In recent years, it is difficult to surprise someone a bad environment that stimulates the emergence of new diseases.Most often affects the circulatory system, but more goes to the respiratory organs.

Together with the air in our lungs receives thousands of invisible eye of the particles, which can cause serious damage to our body.Over the years, these particles are increasing, and the light simply no longer cope with the increased workload.

And in some critical moment, the body simply does not stand up - and then developing atopic asthma.Only physicians are often not even aware that the patient has asthma - symptoms forced to classify the disease as an ordinary bronchitis.As a result, a person is prescribed the wrong treatment, leading to the decay time of all symptoms.

Classification and diagnostic features of asthma

Traditionally a long time it was thought that asthma - a consequence colds, which were not treated in a timely manner.Only recently it was found out that asthma can have differen

t origins, depending on where the patient and prescribe treatment.

Because of this began careful study of such diseases as asthma - its classification and allocation of symptoms.

However, until now, doctors can not reach a consensus, which is the trigger mechanism that includes this terrible disease.While some suggestions in this regard, there are, as part of their studies even confirmed.

If a person identified allergic asthma, it can trigger an allergen.So often the allergen house dust, in which they live hundreds or even thousands of micro-organisms.

also cause exacerbation of the disease serves as pet dander, pollen, and sometimes can cause an attack of a sharp smell.It depends on the characteristics of the organism from the flow characteristics and immunity asthma.

Just in some cases, atopic form of bronchial asthma does not cause any problems, but in other cases, asthma - disability and constant trips to the doctors.

order not to face serious problems, we must be attentive to their own health and the health of loved ones.Particular attention should be given to children because they are because of their age can not always accurately describe their feelings.

Because of this, the treatment of bronchial asthma in children often begins with a long delay, which leads to the transition of the disease in a difficult stage.It is also necessary to remember that form of asthma cough is very similar in its symptoms to bronchitis, to which it and confused.

If we add to this rhinitis, even a skilled doctor can make a mistake with the diagnosis.When there even the slightest doubt, the child should be sent to the full survey.
If asthma is suspected, the patient makes spirography and carefully examine the sputum.

If the patient has asthma attacks occur when mucus becomes viscous, it is necessary to take urgent measures.Also, it should alert the night cough that does not go on for quite some time.

Depending on the degree of bronchial asthma specialist selects a treatment that reduces the frequency of attacks.In some cases, the disease long retreats, and the person says about it only a few times a year.But do not relax, because the insidious this disease is that the attack may occur at any time.

separate item is cardiac asthma - its symptoms are very different from asthma, which it looks like only bouts of breathlessness.Cardiac asthma is not provoke colds and lung problems, and failures in the work of the heart.There is the disease with hypertension, heart failure, and in exceptional cases - in chronic nephritis.

Treatment is aimed at the removal of temporary symptoms, then doctors selected drugs that have an effect on the underlying disease.


disease to asthma, you are not tormented by frequent attacks, it is necessary to take preventive measures.Being treated in a timely manner all colds, clearly follow all the doctor's recommendation, as well as the time passes inspection.

Particular attention should be paid to the state of the lungs, if your family atopic asthma have a few people, then you should definitely take a thorough examination of the lungs.Just asthma is inherited, but to reduce the influence of harmful factors possible.

To do this, take antispasmodics, which expand the bronchi, thereby improving their ventilation.If the disease is not very tormented patient, it should be tempered, take vitamins and exercise.

When you suffer from allergic asthma, should be tested for allergens.When they are defined, you just have to avoid contact with these substances.

However, sometimes a reaction to allergens is negative, which indicates the presence of a mixed form of the disease.In such cases it is necessary to carry out restorative procedures, eat more fruits and vegetables.

Try to pick up a good exercise, which will cause you positive emotions.But in any case, do not overreach, because excessive exercise can trigger new attacks.

If you are careful about your health, you can protect yourself and prolong life.Just do not be frivolous - and then your body will respond with gratitude and excellent work.

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