The most popular remedy for bronchitis : treatments , diet , traditional methods

Bronhit- is an inflammatory disease of the bronchi and lungs.

Because there are several species, and also different causes bronchitis.So the cause of chronic bronchitis can be smoking, respiratory failure, an unfavorable environment and the climate is too wet, work in hazardous environments, heredity, infection and many others.

reason is SARS acute, hypothermia, upper respiratory tract infection.The cause allergic - fungal spores, drugs, food allergens.

Traditional treatment of bronchitis

proven its syrup ... Among such a variety of drugs is better to choose those which include an extract of ivy or plantain (slept Pektolvan, Gerbion).

In addition, we must distinguish between dry and wet cough, because in each of them, you need to choose the means.
Warming bronchitis - a very effective method.But the effect of it can not be observed in all forms of the disease, so the warming may appoint a doctor.

as heating can be used pepper patch that has to warm up, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties


Pepper plaster is used for the treatment and relief of symptoms of many diseases.For example, you can use a pepper patch for bronchitis, tracheitis, pertussis, accompanied by a dry cough.

This can make point applications (cut small pieces and sticking between the blades on either side of the spine, to go so a few days, can be exchanged for new patches until full recovery), and can be stuck on the foot, where the active points which meetfor the respiratory system, or on the middle and upper phalanx of the index fingers.

to acute bronchitis is not turned into a chronic, doctors recommend to finish the cure residual cough, combining drugs and physiotherapy, which reduce inflammation, relieve pain, improve circulation.

main thing is not to stop treatment after the first improvements.The most effective physiotherapy bronchitis - halotherapy (being in a salt cave or in specially created conditions close to speleohospital), aerosol (inhalation with herbs, salt, medicines, hypoxic), thermotherapy (mud, mineral wax, clay, wax).

Thus, physical therapy - is part of a comprehensive treatment of the respiratory system.Well help breathing exercises.

There is a special set that helps with chronic bronchitis.

  1. standing straight up on your toes, raise up your hands, deeply breathing in the nose.During the lowering of the hands and feet, exhale mouth, uttering the sound "uhhhh".
  2. legs apart, hands pressed against the thighs.Hands rise up through the sides, inhale nose, dropping his hands, exhale loudly.
  3. Stepping in place, raise his hands to the side, making breathing nose, lower - exhale, make a sound "guuu".
  4. Standing straight, often breathe through the nose, waving his arms back and forth.

Treatment folk remedies

Scientists have found that the most effective remedy for bronchitis - chocolate, which contains components which are more efficient than those contained in the traditional means of treatment.

best folk remedy for bronchitis:

  • honey;
  • lemon;
  • onion and garlic;
  • black radish;
  • aloe juice;
  • sage and eucalyptus;
  • raspberry jam.

Here is a very effective popular recipes from bronchitis.

  1. Mix 4 tablespoonshoney and lemon juice, take 4 times a day 1 tsp
  2. When dry cough boil 100 grams of sugar and the juice of 2 bulbs 10 minutes, add 50 grams of honey, take 5 times a day 1 tsp
  3. black radish wash, cut out the middle, put the honey and leave for a day.take 4 times a day 1 tsp
  4. Grate garlic foot.
  5. Aloe can be mixed in equal proportions with honey, lemon juice or cranberries.
  6. tea with raspberry jam.
  7. proven themselves ginger.For the treatment to do ginger tea - adding ginger herbal or regular tea or root pouring boiling water.You can take ginger honey.To do this, mix a pinch of red pepper and 1 tbsphoney, lemon and ginger juice.Take 2 hours on a teaspoon.This is the best remedy for bronchitis (especially in the acute phase).

Diet for bronchitis

Equally important food for bronchitis.It is necessary to include in the diet of fruits, vegetables, berries, honey, nuts and seeds, butter and vegetable oil.

What to drink with bronchitis, to speed up the healing process?
To cope with the symptoms of disease, you need a good sweat.To do this, you need to drink hot herbal teas, having such properties (linden, elder, mint, sage) with honey.

At first, give up coffee and tea, lemon water to drink without sugar, milk with honey, butter (fat badger) and soda.You can drink alkaline mineral water, juices (especially beet can be supplemented with carrot or apple, cabbage).
Here are the main means and methods of treatment of bronchitis.

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