How to recognize symptoms of cardiac asthma ?

In those cases, when a patient suddenly or gradually there is difficulty in breathing varying degrees, caused by violation of the pumping function of the heart, talking about the development of cardiac asthma.

The main difference between this state of bronchial asthma attack is that the condition of the respiratory system initially remains unchanged.If a patient develops cardiac asthma - symptoms indicate a progressive failure of the left heart (atrium and ventricle).

attack of cardiac asthma develops in the progression of stagnation in the pulmonary circulation - with accumulation of blood in the pulmonary capillaries slowing of blood flow leads to the fact that part of the liquid (plasma) is possible for an active propotevanie through the wall of a blood vessel in the cavity of the alveoli.

This sharply limits the ability of the area for effective gas exchange - oxygen does not get the opportunity to get to the red blood cells, and carbon dioxide can not freely secede from the red blood cells.R


cardiac asthma largely lie in the fact that the gases begin to foam the blood plasma and the resulting foam is further worsens the airway and the patient's general status.

Causes of cardiac asthma

In most cases, symptoms of cardiac asthma occur at the same morbid conditions as pulmonary edema of cardiogenic origin.Often these states are developing consistently - in those cases where the treatment of asthma is not started on time or is not carried out with sufficient vigor.

In those episodes, where the patient, regardless of the severity of the condition prior to the attack, develops cardiac asthma - symptoms of the disease should not be left without the respective evaluation and appointment of an effective, integrated and multi-component therapy.

The most common cause of cardiac asthma becomes mitral valve stenosis - in modern conditions the disease is most often diagnosed in patients age enough that for a long time suffering from rheumatism.In addition, cardiac asthma can occur when:

  • coronary heart disease - including acute myocardial infarction, acute coronary insufficiency, myocardial infarction,;
  • complicated course of hypertensive disease - paroxysmal sharp increase in blood pressure several times increases the risk of this complication;
  • myocarditis various etiologies and occurs on the background of postmiokarditicheskom cardiosclerosis;
  • different types of cardiomyopathy;
  • glomerulonephritis (acute and chronic course of the disease);
  • decompensated aortic heart defects;
  • severe mitral valve failure decompensation;
  • heart rhythm disturbances - often in the development of atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter.

must be remembered that in those cases where the patient develops cardiac asthma - treatment of folk remedies will never bring the desired effect.Most of the drugs, as part of which even have a substance effective in the treatment of chronic heart failure, will not have time to provide the expected action - these funds are mostly appointed inside, and in patients with cardiac asthma absorption of any substance through the mucous membrane of the digestive tract slows down several times.

With the development of cardiac insufficiency attack occurs reflex excitation of the respiratory and vasomotor centers in the brain stem.

As a result of this increased blood volume (relative or absolute), and a simultaneous increase in venous return of blood to the heart.In this case, cardiac asthma allows treatment of folk remedies - on the patient's limb can be superimposed to create bundles of blood depots and facilitate the work of the heart.

Symptoms of the disease in the majority of cases of heart attack develops asthma at night or in cases where the patient is in a horizontal position.

Severe asthma is often accompanied by fear of death, and shallow and shallow breathing provokes agitation.

In addition, the patient may appear paroxysmal cough, and expressed a feeling of lack of air, so the patient is trying to network and raise the head end of the bed, if possible - go to the window.

In cases where a patient develops cardiac asthma - emergency assistance must be provided immediately, otherwise it may develop concomitant bronchospasm (cause of this condition becomes propotevanie blood plasma into the alveoli of the lungs).


In cases where a patient develops cardiac asthma - first aid should begin with immediate call "ambulance", which is necessary before the arrival of the patient in semi-sitting seat or sitting position.You can omit the feet and hands in hot water or a tourniquet on the veins to reduce venous blood return to the heart.

In cases where there is a possibility to conduct oxygen inhalation and give sublingual patient nitroglycerin tablet - this drug lowers systemic blood pressure and facilitates the work of the heart, but uncontrolled its application (in the case when the patient is no CHD) without consulting a doctornot recommended.Other purposes, including injection, must be performed by a qualified doctor appointment.

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