Methods of prevention and treatment of obstructive bronchitis in children

Young children are constantly demanding attention.If you have the first signs of the disease, they can not take care of themselves, and sometimes even simply to report the illness.

Among quite dangerous diseases that can be detected early on symptomatic grounds, is obstructive bronchitis.

This disease is characterized by bronchial spasm, which makes breathing difficult child.Thus mucus can not move freely, which may lead to additional complications.

The diagnosis requires immediate action;a lot depends on the missed time.

That's why parents need to know as much information about obstructive bronchitis in children may be: treatment, early signs, possible precautions.

The root causes of obstructive bronchitis in children

disease can be caused by factors:

  • action allergen capable of causing bronchial spasm.This maintains a normal body temperature, but rather acutely concerned about a cough and shortness of breath;
  • viral infection - almost the main cause of the disease.The organism is partic
    ularly vulnerable to the action of pathogens due to supercooling unbalanced diet, and also in the moments of exhaustion of the nervous system.

Symptoms of the disease

disease can begin rather sharply (in the case of a reaction to the allergen), and can manifest as a result of a number of layers of the typical symptoms (in case the action of viruses).This depends on the reason why developed obstructive bronchitis in children.

Swelling and spasms of the bronchi begins with a characteristic mild cough baby.This symptom usually makes it impossible to detect the disease.

Soon, however, may show other symptoms of obstructive bronchitis in children:

  • significant cough;
  • red throat;
  • appearance of fever in a child;
  • appearance of a cold.

Cough with bronchitis that can be of different types: wet or dry with a distinct whistling.The disease is accompanied by a high probability of pneumonia, so treatment should begin immediately.

Treatment of obstructive bronchitis

If found obstructive bronchitis in children - treatment must necessarily be comprehensive.Tactics of treatment should be based on an individual approach to the patient depending on the disease provoking factor.

During treatment used such methods:

  • prescribe a course of antibiotics if the disease is caused by pathogenic micro-organisms;
  • inhalation will reduce spasm, ease breathing in and out mucus.However, it should take into account the individual tolerance of the solution components for such procedures;
  • nasal lavage solution containing silver ions prevent the reproduction of bacteria will allow;
  • designated physiotherapy will help to remove bronchospasm;
  • along with surgical treatment is prescribed a course of immunomodulators and vitamins that strengthen the body's defenses.

In addition to medical procedures is to adjust the diet.It is necessary to drink plenty of warm fortified, as well as light food.All drugs should only be prescribed by the attending physician.

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