Allergic asthma or blame allergens !

allergy.Perhaps there is no person who is not familiar with this, in general, the medical term.Already in conversation is: "you are allergic to."

What is it and how is expressed?This is to protect the body when the immune system decides that there was a malicious attack.The allergen in the airways - the immune system is very sensitive.Sharply reduced muscle tissue of the respiratory tract - bronchospasm.Immediately become inflamed and thick mucus way crowded.Common manifestations of this:

  • sneezing,
  • copious tears,
  • stuffy nasal breathing
  • nasal discharge.

not spare this "pneumonic plague" anyone: children, old people, young people, teenagers.The disease is a potential threat to human life - anaphylactic shock, as well as an extremely dangerous attack of bronchial asthma.Allergic asthma - common form of the disease.In this form of asthma attacks occur due to exposure to a particular allergen.The disease is asthma - the impact of external factors.There are infectious and non-infectious allerg


noncommunicable include many well-known to everyone, dust, pollen, feathers, feathers, insects, foods and pollutants - chemicals that accumulate in the atmosphere in high concentrations.

The category of non-infectious allergens also include drugs.They are quite a lot.This acetylsalicylic acid, analgin, iodine-containing drugs are administered by injection and antibiotics and ACTH, procaine, sulfa drugs, vaccines, serums, analgesics.Infectious same allergens: chronic infection and inflammation.

Symptoms of allergic asthma attacks

shortness of breath, wheezing or whistling in the chest, worse when breathing deeply, cough or expectoration of small clots light sputum.

Paroxysmal cough - a sign of allergic bronchial asthma, cough variant of it.
Knowing the type of allergen, we can talk about the frequency of attacks, the more often the patient contact - frequency of attacks is increasing.So have a clear seasonal (spring-summer) is allergic to pollen and everything related to plants.

happens and constant allergic asthma, which depends on the consumed food during the day.Most attacks occur in children after intense exercise - it bronchoconstriction.

Removing the attack?

This attack with nothing can not be confused.Quickly and rapidly developing events: shortness of breath, wheezing, cough, inability to breathe, incoordination, weakened lungs.Removing an asthma attack?The most effective is to calm down, sit on a chair, open the window and use the metered-dose inhaler.

inhalation in asthma - it is extremely necessary to use bronchodilator drugs, rapidly affecting the bronchial smooth muscle and relieving asthma.

positive effect gives reception antihistamines (tsetrin, zirtek, erius) and especially inhalation (salbutamol, Flomax).Upon receiving the action of tablets comes in half an hour.A person feels the dying, feeling the end of the world.Inhalers also more powerful, more convenient, and always at hand.

If it does not help any one drug, call your doctor immediately.Will make intravenous or intramuscular injection of hormonal drugs - prednisone or dexamethasone.When deterioration laid hospital.

Treatment and prevention of diseases

Is not it possible to recover from this insidious disease?Everything is possible.For the treatment of allergic asthma, particularly, identification of the specific allergen and eliminating all contact with them.

First of all, daily wet cleaning, airing of the apartment, the destruction of the old stuff gathering dust.No animals in the house because they do not happen hypoallergenic.The patient pollen allergy should know the calendar of flowering plants and not in contact with allergens, longer stay at home with the windows closed.When confronting an allergy to foods observance of individual diets.
And, of course, should be a comprehensive treatment under medical supervision, with strict observance of its recommendations.There are two areas of health:

  • traditional,
  • alternative.

They each offer their own methods.

patient can choose one or combine and merge both, increasing efficiency.For good health any means.But the physician should know about taking the drug, their interaction: herbs in some combinations will cause harm and aggravate the situation.

medicament for the treatment of bronchial asthma - the basis of the struggle with the inevitable inflammatory processes.Proper treatment - it is a universal means of Claritin, rinse saline solution, the use of nasal sprays and antihistamines strong.

to the patient was able to control and alleviate the symptoms of asthma, there are a variety of drugs.This inhaled steroids, inhaled bronchodilators long-acting inhalers and tablets.

Prednisone can be taken within a few days.It helps with severe attacks of asthma.Try injection Xolair, lowering the level of immunoglobulin E in the body can be the case if conventional therapy and drugs do not help.

Elementary rules will help to reduce the risk.Maintain a healthy lifestyle, follow the diet and strengthen the immune system, exercise, frequently visit the open air.All.So simple, but in fact valid.Allergic asthma is not terrible.

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