Obstructive bronchitis : symptoms , prevention and treatment of diseases

human respiratory system is designed unique: about 20 000 times a day we do oxygen breath without realizing it.Before saturate every cell of the body with oxygen, respiratory system must prepare as much as possible - to clean all kinds of infections, microorganisms or toxic substances.

All these processes occur just below the trachea, just before the light, the so-called bronchial tree.Dozens of different diameter tubes (bronchioles) become smaller, the alveoli (here transfer process occurs and the released oxygen in the bloodstream).

Before getting into the blood, oxygen is cleared of mucus in the bronchi - special phlegm.Bronchi produce it in sufficient quantity to create a barrier to the penetration of microorganisms.

Very often, the protective function of the bronchi "breaks."Mucous membranes become inflamed, they begin to secrete excessive amounts of mucus.This operation fails bronchi called bronchitis.

Depending on the course of the disease is divided into several types:

  1. obstructive bronchitis.
  2. obstructive bronchitis.

Symptoms of obstructive bronchitis

diagnosis of obstructive bronchitis doctors put in a case where, along with the bronchial mucosa inflammation occurs complication - obstruction.The main symptoms of obstructive bronchitis and congestion is the accumulation of mucus and hindered inhale and exhale.

When mucus in the bronchi produces a lot of, it begins to thicken, it is possible the formation of mucus plugs, resulting in decreased vascular permeability, hampered the movement of air, the person during breathing could be heard wheezing.

strong cough worse in the morning, does not stop during the day and at night can disturb.As a rule, the sick person temperature rises, the duration of fever depends on the activity of the pathogen that has entered the respiratory track.

During cough sputum will depart with hints of yellow.The cough may last for a week, even two, in some cases - up to a month.

Heavier disease occurs in young children.Symptoms of obstructive bronchitis in children -odyshka, noisy wheezing, which can be heard, going into another room, sometimes even swelling of the chest.

In the clinical analysis of blood without any changes, only the ESR can be increased.When X-ray - increased pulmonary pattern, swelling of the lungs and increase the transparency of their tissue.

important to know that in spite of the severity of the symptoms of obstructive bronchitis, children carry it quite easily, unlike pneumonia.


disease Recently bronchitis incidence is so high that it tied for first (second maximum after pneumonia) among diseases of the respiratory system.The causes of obstructive bronchitis - three.It:

  1. allergy.
  2. viruses.
  3. bacteria.

the first place in frequency - viral bronchitis (90% of all cases), although it is worth noting that often doctors themselves adjusted statistics in favor of bacterial, prescribe antibiotics to be safe.

In most cases, obstructive bronchitis starts with a viral infection can join due to a weakened immune system, or when the child is returned to the children's group, finally recovered, and respiratory tract infection hit.

But the answer to the question of whether obstructive bronchitis contagious, uniquely negative.Inflammation of the bronchial mucosa is not transmitted from person to person.

Although infection provoked bronchitis can combat a healthy person, and in this case it will behave in the bronchi, - a purely personal matter.

Allergic obstructive bronchitis is more common in children, the symptoms are the same as the cough usually begins episodic and mostly at night.

Parents need to be very careful, because the aggravation will occur on a regular basis, but only when in contact with a specific allergen, and in his disappearance - end.

very important in this type of obstructive bronchitis in time to diagnose it and to prevent the transition to asthma.

If the child has a cough lasting more than three weeks, consult a specialist pulmonologist to determine whether there have cough of any other reason, besides inflammation.

obstructive bronchitis can turn into recurrent or chronic.The diagnosis of recurrent obstructive bronchitis put, when a person three or more times during the year suffered the disease.

symptoms of chronic obstructive bronchitis, experts of the World Health Organization outlined as follows: Do not stop at least three months cough for 2 years, and the other diseases of the upper respiratory tract, bronchial tubes and lungs no.

treatment to avoid asthma

in the treatment of obstructive bronchitis main commandment doctor should be the phrase "do no harm".Firstly, a diagnosis is not confused and the infectious bronchitis virus, because the antibiotics in the first case, not only does not help, but ugnetet and condition of the patient.

Secondly, with hypersecretion of mucus, which always accompanies obstruction may designate antitussives that contraindicated (they can only be obsessive dry cough).

So, the answer to the question "how to cure obstructive bronchitis", should look something like this: mandatory drugs to restore nasal breathing and expectorant (mucolytic agents).

Funds evacuates phlegm, is prescribed for all types of obstruction - orally or by inhalation through a nebulizer or aerosol inhaler.Doctors also recommend bronchodilators with bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory action.

In addition, if the sputum departs quite difficult, may designate its removal by means of physiotherapy or various types of massage.

course, when viral bronchitis - antiviral drugs in infectious (with the definition of the type of pathogen) - antibiotics, allergy - allergy.

main thing - to help cope with the first immunity bronchitis, so he was not repeated, and especially not moved in bronchial asthma.If your child is ill with bronchitis, do not forget that prevention of obstructive bronchitis in children - not an empty phrase.

It is important that the children were dolecheny respiratory diseases, hiking in the kindergarten began only after recovery and, if possible allergic reactions - elimination of allergens in the first house (household dust, etc...).

Prevention obstructive bronchitis in adult is smoking cessation.

On the treatment of obstructive bronchitis folk remedies written a lot of material.Healers advise boil in a glass of milk 2 figs and drink it after a hot, mix of radish or carrot juice and milk or honey drink (half), drink 1 tablespoon.

Any experience with a mixture of 2 tablespoons butter, 2 yolks of fresh eggs, 1 tsp of flour and 2 teaspoons of honey (take many times).To facilitate sputum discharge recommend cranberry juice syrup.

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