The effectiveness of exercise therapy techniques with bronchitis

Acute bronchitis - a disease that is familiar to many people.If you treat this disease properly, more often, it takes its toll on the body.However, in some cases, bronchitis can be a complication of pneumonia and become chronic.

In acute bronchitis and pneumonia, in addition to doctor's appointments, as recommended physical therapy sessions, which are pretty effective remedy for bronchitis.The effectiveness of exercise therapy


When diagnosing patients with acute bronchitis, combined with pneumonia, experts recommend literally from the first illness to deal with special exercises.

Naturally, physiotherapy exercises for bronchitis is only possible if a satisfactory general condition of the patient and a slight increase in temperature.

LFK bronchitis promote humoral and reflex stimulation of the respiratory centers, which in turn helps to improve gas exchange and ventilation.Under the influence of massage and exercise is an increase in the overall tone of the body and improve his psyc

hological condition.

In addition, a properly selected set of exercise therapy for bronchitis promotes rapid recovery and create the optimal backdrop for the use of drugs.

Systematic exercise with bronchitis improve blood circulation in the lung and pleura, which contributes to a relatively rapid resorption of exudate.When this atrophy and degenerative processes in the lung tissue may partially undergo the process of reverse development.

regular exercise with this disease contributes to the prevention of a number of possible complications, which may eventually develop into the pleural cavity and lungs, and also prevents the appearance of secondary deformities of the chest.

Physiotherapy bronchitis has a significant trophic effect on the tissues of the body, resulting in the restoration of elasticity and mobility of the lungs.

Improving blood oxygen saturation during exercise complex improves and metabolic processes in other organs and tissues of the body.

Breathing exercises Strelnikova bronchitis

after prolonged illness, patients often appear pathological changes in the lungs.

Application technique called breathing exercises Strelnikova bronchitis makes it possible to eliminate the stagnation of secretions in the bronchi, the recovery of the mucosa, eliminate pathogenic organisms.

Furthermore, this technique allows to reduce inflammation and enhance mucosal protective ability.In acute or chronic form of bronchitis it is recommended to perform the full range of gymnastics Strelnikova twice a day for 2-3 weeks.

As part of this complex exercise breath held alternately mouth and nose.The breath should be soft, calm, almost inaudible.After each inhalation breath being done arbitrarily, and passively through your mouth.If the breath is done by mouth, the nose in breathing is not involved.

It is worth noting that the selection of methods and forms of physical therapy, as well as the initial position of the patient during exercise depends on the nature of pathological changes of the bronchi and the presence or absence of complications in the respiratory system.

Physical rehabilitation bronchitis

When any disease of the respiratory system, causing disorders of the respiratory functions, bronchitis, and in particular, in the order devices are formed by the body spontaneous compensation.Latest in combination with various conditioned stimuli can be secured for a long time.

Therefore, all the experts almost unanimously recommend charging bronchitis, using special medical sets of exercises.

Sport gymnastics bronchitis mobilize support mechanisms of blood circulation and increase the use of oxygen to tissues, thereby increasing oxygenation of the body.

If convalescence restored patency of the bronchi is not fully obstruction, difficulty breathing, the physical therapy and breathing exercises should be supplemented with special sound gymnastics.

After a couple of weeks of training exercises a sound, it is recommended to add to the set of exercises, including inhalation and exhalation resistance.

very important condition during the medical fitness is a regular airing of the premises.In summer classes exercise therapy is best done outdoors.In addition, if the street heat, a short walk bronchitis will only benefit.

If bronchitis patient a feeling of excess mucus in the bronchi, it is by no means impossible to try to force her to cough, because it can damage the ligaments, and sometimes - and cause bleeding.

When such feelings, experts recommend when performing breathing exercises, exercises recommended to perform alternately mouth and nose.It should be remembered that delayed treatment of diseases of the respiratory system can cause asthma.

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