How to cure bronchitis in a child without harm to health

Chronic bronchitis in children - a common disease, which is determined by inflammatory lesions of the bronchial tubes.Proceeds from repeated bronchitis peaking.

bronchitis in children under one year rarely occurs as an independent disease.This is mainly a consequence of postponed viral infections or colds.When properly prescribed treatment it goes pretty quickly, but the cough can last for up to three weeks or more.


cough with phlegm - the first sign of bronchitis.Can bother sore throat, fever, wheezing.Sputum has a greenish or yellowish-gray.It is not always released during bacterial infection.

Discharges prevent damage to the bronchial tubes.Mucus warms and humidifies the air that breathes the man removes foreign particles.When there is an infection in the body, mucous membrane is broken and as a result of this inflammation occurs.

Mucus begins to stand out abundantly, and the difficulty breathing and begin disorders and difficulties in the lungs.

Treatment of bronchitis Treatmen

t of infants is quite a serious matter.How to cure bronchitis in a child solves only pediatrician.It will make recommendations depending on how the disease progresses.

taken into account age and other important factors.can not engage in self, otherwise, it can lead to serious consequences.

If a child 5 months bronchitis, then the doctor may prescribe treatment at home.He prescribes antitussive herbal wash mucous, bed rest and other appointments.

Children under three years are mainly being treated at home, if there is no risk of complications.In case of temperatures up to 38 degrees of shortness of breath or need hospitalization.

antibiotics for bronchitis in children is prescribed in patients with severe inflammation.This is not the best remedy for bronchitis for children.

doctor prescribes antibiotics if there is a serious threat to the transition from bronchitis to pneumonia or other severe lung disease.

At the present time widely used in medicine, three groups of antibiotics.

  1. penicillins (amoxicillin)
  2. Cephalosporins Macrolides

If on a background of the child conducted by a state treatment improves disappearing intoxication, reduced high temperature, there is activity and appetite, it means that the antibiotic has been assigned correctly, and treatment should be continued.

When therapy does not give positive results, and fever and respiratory distress persist, the antibiotic is replaced by another, or add another one.In order to avoid complications in the analysis of sputum culture taken.

use antibiotics should be very cautious.If the child has a serious illness occurs, having an inflammatory nature, they may even lose its effectiveness.

This is easily explained by the fact that the body gradually gets used to the drug.In such cases, their use is not advisable.Bronchitis Treatment should take place in the complex.

addition to the main antibiotics prescribed physical therapy and massage.Children designate a specific diet.It is important that the room was a little humidity.

For the treatment of bronchitis in infants suit special herbal teas.

  • primrose - 4 parts
  • horsetail - 3 parts
  • mother and stepmother - Part 1
  • plantain - 2 parts

Five grams of the mixture is poured a glass of boiling water and infuse for two hours.Take 50 or 100 ml before eating no more than three times a day.

  • marshmallow root - 2 parts
  • licorice root - 2 parts
  • fruits of fennel - 1 part
  • mother and stepmother - 2 parts

Five grams of the mixture is poured boiling water and infuse for about three hours.Taken before a meal 20 ml three times per day.This infusion is used for acute bronchitis.

  • thyme - 1 part
  • fruits of fennel - 1 part
  • clover - Part 1
  • peppermint - 1 part
  • lungwort - 4 parts
  • mother and stepmother - 4 parts
  • plantain - 2 parts

teaspoon of the mixture is poured a glass of cold water.After this, insisting for two hours, then boiled for a few minutes and well filtered.Accepted by one's throat several times a day.This infusion is used for very frequent bronchitis.

Also, children can be given the juice of plantain.It is mixed with an equal quantity of honey and give three times a day for teaspoonful.The juice of fresh cabbage sweetened and allow to drink three times a day on a teaspoon.

One spoon of dried linden flower pour boiling water for 3 hours, covered with a lid, and insist.Drink three times a day for half a glass.The glass of fresh carrot juice add three teaspoons of honey, stir and allow to drink several times a day.

The above methods act as mitigation and expectorants.

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