How to inhalation bronchitis : tips

According to recent studies lung diseases occupy first place in the general structure of diseases.A quarter of patients on a daily basis to seek medical care, are diagnosed with bronchitis, bronchial asthma.

The most common causes of bronchitis are associated with the presence of infections, viruses, allergens, irritants chemical and physical nature, so that the airways become inflamed tissue and secrete large quantities of mucous secretion.

Treatment of bronchitis should be urgent and complex, otherwise, bronchitis may become chronic.If you are sick, tune in to the long-term treatment with antibiotics, agents that improve the expectoration of phlegm and thinning, anti-inflammatory drugs.

Among the modern methods of treatment in the first place there is respiratory therapy.The basis of this therapy constitute inhalation bronchitis.

potatoes and feed and heal

should be noted that inhalation bronchitis began to apply for a long time.Remember how mom or grandmother to persuade you to breathe th

e vapors over potatoes or decoction of herbs.The results of this home treatment have been impressive and have survived until today.

Steam inhalation bronchitis based on the principle of liquid evaporation during boiling.For this method is only suitable liquid which do not lose their therapeutic properties at 100 ° C.

Using a steam inhaler as a remedy for bronchitis, it should be remembered that the concentration of the therapeutic drug is quite small, and the particles of the drug are deposited in the mouth and throat.

therapeutic miracle

Progress does not stand still, steam inhalers have given way to an intelligent inhalation machines - nebulizers.Device for converting a liquid into an aerosol, a spray, in turn, easily penetrate into the lower respiratory tract.This method of drug delivery is not in vain is a leader.

Among the advantages of this therapeutic miracle should be made:

  • high rate of absorption;
  • increase in the surface coating of mucous membranes drug substance;
  • long-term preservation of medicinal drugs in the submucosal layer;
  • solution for inhalation in bronchitis gets in high concentrations directly into the lesion, but the dose is reduced.The drug in minimal doses guaranteed relieve symptoms of side effects;
  • completely eliminated irritating effect of medicines on the digestive organs, minimizing the burden on the kidneys, blood and liver.

Nebulizers are of three types:

  • ultrasound;
  • electron-mesh;
  • compression.

All these inhalers for bronchitis provide the desired therapeutic effect.The ultrasonic nebulizer is suitable for influencing the nasopharynx, larynx, bronchus.Compression nebulizer should be selected, if the disease has affected the bronchi and alveoli.

Electronic mesh nebulizer is able to deliver drugs in the most lower respiratory tract.The latter type is suitable for making inhalation bronchitis in children, because it works at any angle of inclination.

answer to the question: "What do inhalation bronchitis" to give the doctor.However, when choosing a nebulizer should be remembered that the suspension does not apply in the ultrasonic unit.

Inhalation nebulizer for bronchitis can be carried out with the use of antibiotics, antihistamines, bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory drugs.

cure the disease quickly and easily

Inhalation bronchitis help eliminate the cause of the disease rather quickly, and most importantly - simply.The procedure requires no special skills.

The main thing to remember - a thorough disinfection of detachable parts after each procedure.What inhalation bronchitis are the most effective, prompt treating doctor.But add to the procedures with drugs inhaled sessions with the usual mineral water would be superfluous.

fact that inflamed sections of the respiratory system need a lot of moisture, which makes up for the lack of mineral aerosols.

Children usually passes any disease with high fever and, consequently, to the loss of large amounts of fluid.Drink ailing child is not always possible, in this case, the inhalation of mineral water rescue situation.

inhalation for acute bronchitis should begin with the use of drugs thinning bronchial mucosa content.Otherwise, a large number of accumulated viscous secretion will inhibit the effects of the drug.

After thinning phlegm drugs it is advisable to hold a session with the use of antibiotics, bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Inhalation chronic bronchitis are effective in the presence of bronchospasm, inflammatory edema, filtering violation of bronchial mucosa.

If chronic bronchitis is caused by other reasons, the inhalation techniques are less effective.Inhalation with obstructive bronchitis should begin as much as possible with the earlier administration of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Studies confirm that the introduction of anti-inflammatory drugs via nebulizer has a greater therapeutic effect at a lower daily dosage.

After inhalation session the person may be taken for any daily activities: the drug got into the inflammatory focus and began to actively fight the cause of the disease.

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