How to treat a sore throat at the child and what are its symptoms

When the family gets sick child, all other problems seem to be parents just trifling.But how to cure the baby, and at the same time did not harm him, because the child's body so vulnerable?In this article we will discuss the most common disease - angina, as well as give a comprehensive answer to the main question of all mothers and fathers - how to treat the disease in a child?

Tonsillitis is an infection, which is characterized by a pronounced inflammatory lesion of palatine tonsils.It should be noted that the cause of angina microbes are: staphylococci, streptococci and adenoviruses.Such microbes entering the oral cavity, activation during cooling.That is why the disease often affects kids in the cold season.Symptoms of the disease

Angina starts unexpectedly.In the mouth to the baby we look only when notice that something was wrong in his behavior.In the first place the child becomes lethargic and passive, since it rises high body temperature (40 degrees).This neck is bright red and the tonsi

ls are increased.

If the disease is started, then the tonsils are formed white spots or yellow - gray purulent cork.The child begins to complain of severe pain in the throat.It is also clear symptoms of angina are considered to be a lack of appetite and a bad mood.But do not just grab his head with his hands and shouting "the child angina - something to do?"

If the disease is timely to note that it can be quickly cured.But if the disease run, the consequences can be very dire.The infection makes complications in the kidney, heart and joints.

Methods of treatment of children with sore throat

The first step is to overcome the heat.You can use the traditional methods.Provide your child drink plenty of, since it is necessary to help the body cope with intoxication.It is recommended to brew tea from raspberry, chamomile and currants.Also devote more time to rinse the baby's neck.For this purpose will approach decoction of chamomile, sage and salt solution.Rinsing procedure should be performed at least 5 times a day.

If these methods do not help, and the body temperature exceeds 38 degrees, it is necessary to call a doctor, because the bacteria that provoked angina, can only be destroyed with antibiotics.Do not forget that the main thing in time and organize the treatment correctly.

During the examination the doctor will prescribe a course of antibiotics and their mode of reception.You immediately have a question: how much angina treated?

It all depends on the child's well-being, but the average rate of antibiotic treatment lasts about a week.It is important that parents are properly complied with reception of medicines mode, otherwise the disease may become severe form.When this disease can not refuse from taking antibiotics after 3 days, even if the child's condition is much improved.

addition of antibiotics to fight the sore throat sprays can help you.They relieve pain and inflammation in the throat.

An important will apply compresses.Compress with angina for kids called poluspirtovym, iealcohol is diluted by half.It is done in the following way: the first layer of material is moistened in a solution and falls under the jaw.On it imposes a polyethylene film, a layer of cotton wool and then woolen scarf wrapped throat or cloth.Note that compress placed several times a day (2-4 times), but it can not be left for the night.

Can I walk with angina?

Doctors do not recommend to display a child suffering from a sore throat on the street, especially in the cold season.For fresh air intake enough 2-3 times a day to ventilate the room where the child is ailing.

If there was a child's sore throat 1 year, not self-medicate, and immediately seek professional help.Doctors make the necessary course of treatment that parents must be strictly observed.

We hope we have disclosed to you the main points of how to treat this disease the child?Remember that the baby's health is in your hands!

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