angina treatment in children must be right !

Most children often suffer from angina.Diagnosis of this disease does not present any difficulty, and many parents are able to put your baby on their own diagnosis.

But how to cure the disease in a baby

know not all.

sore throat or tonsillitis inflammation of the tonsils is called.The disease can occur in various forms: catarrhal, follicular, lacunar.The latter two forms of tonsillitis are also called purulent tonsillitis.

symptoms and causes of the disease

Blezn in children is usually caused by streptococci or staphylococci.These microbes can be found in the oral cavity and subcooled, reduced immunity lead to the development of the disease.

Angina is considered and infectious disease, asit is possible to become infected by a sick child.

When the disease on children zhaluyusya sore throat, worse when swallowing.They body temperature rises, decreased appetite.

When angina diagnosis: highly probable complications.

disease itself is not a serious illness.But if left untreated, it can lead to

very dire consequences.Peritonsillar abscess, rheumatic fever, glomerulonephritis, quinsy - this is not a complete list of the complications which may result from the disease in children (treatment of the disease to prevent them).

Angina Chronic

Contributing factors to the development of the disease are poor diet, environmental factors, caries, sinusitis, as well as shortness of nasal breathing (for example, adenoids or rhinitis).

These factors lead to a decrease in local and general reactivity of the baby organism and create conditions for the formation in the tonsils of chronic inflammation.


treatment of angina should be not only local, but also general.The kid must always be treated with antibiotics, it is desirable broad-spectrum.In addition, prescribed antihistamines and vitamin therapy.

This is called common treatment becauseit affects the entire body.

Than to treat throat?

When angina is important to regularly gargle with antiseptic solutions, use a variety of sprays for topical use.For gargling, you can prepare a decoction of chamomile, sage, eucalyptus leaves.

But not all children can gargle.Therefore, they can be bought in a pharmacy any remedy for this disease for children in the form of candy.

For topical treatment of angina is quite possible to use the spray for children.The composition of such sprays include antiseptics and painkillers.Therefore, when used in the child quickly pass a sore throat.

packs for children

When angina children often put compresses on the neck, which contribute to a speedy recovery baby.Keep in mind that you can not use pure alcohol only for vodka compresses.

And also the fact that at high temperature the body, posing a compress is strictly prohibited!

We treat chronic angina in children

In acute treatment is carried out in the same way as the treatment of acute angina.

The compensation stage treatment of chronic diseases is primarily aimed at improving the overall resilience of the baby body.For this appointed immunostimulatory preparations, vitamins, biogenic stimulators.The child should be engaged in physical therapy.He is shown holding spa treatment.

good effect in the treatment of chronic type of disease have lavage of lacunas of tonsils with a solution of antibiotics or antiseptics.Babies can be assigned and some physical therapy procedures, such as microwave therapy, UHF, mud.In chronic disease in children, be sure to cure all carious teeth.

Conservative treatment is carried out 2 times a god.Nekotorye doctors believe that this treatment should be carried out every quarter, ie4 times a year.When it is ineffective, it is shown holding a surgical treatment - tonsillectomy (removal of tonsils).

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