Symptoms of thrombophlebitis : how to spot the dangerous disease

unpleasant and dangerous disease, largely worsen the quality of life is thrombophlebitis.This pathology often causes dangerous complications that lead to death of the patient.To gloomy forecast has not been confirmed, it is necessary to know all of the symptoms of thrombophlebitis.This will help people who are at risk, timely detect dangerous enemy and undergo appropriate treatment.

very unpleasant to meet you!

Pathology, called thrombophlebitis, is formed on the background of inflammation, flowing within the veins.Inside there is a venous lumen thrombus-specific tumor, which impairs blood current by narrowing the channel.

The risk group includes persons engaged in trade, education and other "standing" work.

factors that led to the formation of thrombosis, varicose veins is.It is due to the progression of the disease state of the venous system is deteriorating, amid which are formed and other pathological changes.Symptoms of the disease

Signs of dangerous diseases depend on the shape of the flow

and location of the thrombus localization.Develop the disease in the deep and superficial veins of the lower extremities. Modern doctors divide the symptoms of thrombophlebitis into three groups:

  • symptoms of pathological changes in the tibia;
  • symptoms of pathological changes in the femoral vein;
  • symptoms of thrombosis iliac-femoral region (backbone Vienna).

Pathological changes in the tibia

first attack, indicating that a person develops a dangerous disease that often catches him by surprise.Observed such specific features as a painful syndrome in the calf muscles of the legs and the feeling raspriraniya topical areas.Discomfort and pain is worse in the case of lowering the leg.Symptoms of thrombophlebitis in this area should also include:

  1. appearance of edema in the inflamed area.
  2. Changing the hue of the skin (takes a gray color).
  3. emergence of pain during compression.

Pathological changes in the femoral vein

Doctors are the following signs of illness:

  1. painful syndrome in the leg.
  2. Venous bulging (pubic area, groin, thigh portion).
  3. increase in temperature (fever).
  4. appearance of a small swelling of topical muscle.

Against the background of a better blood flow and optimum lumen pain in this case is expressed not as bright as in the ankle area of ​​the lower extremities.

Pathology iliac-femoral region

This form is considered the most severe thrombophlebitis.The specific features should include such acts as:

  1. Unpleasant sensations in the sacrum and lumbar area.
  2. Soreness in the relevant area (observed in the case of radical overlapping venous lumen).
  3. Increasing the temperature to thirty-nine degrees.
  4. symptoms of intoxication.
  5. characteristic appearance of swelling in tumors.
  6. Changing skin colors in the actual plot (bluish or white).

If a person does not feel sharp pain, then radical channel overlap lumen thrombus did not happen.

Do not hesitate with the diagnosis!

This pathology can be diagnosed using palpation.To the disease situation was clearer, doctors prescribe:

  • rheovasography;
  • Doppler.

determine the size of tumors and to evaluate the degree of reduction of the venous lumen allows ultrasound, assuming flow operation, coded color.

Help experienced doctor

Correct treatment of thrombophlebitis appointed qualified phlebologist.If the tumors appeared in the zone of the main saphenous veins, the doctor prescribes reception:

  1. Doxycycline (preference is available in candlelight diclofenac).
  2. Augumentina.

should not be squeamish and local hormone-alcohol compresses, to be cast before bedtime.To do this, you need to put on a little inflamed area lorindenovoy ointment, cover with cotton wool soaked in vodka, and secure with an elastic bandage.

when a large varices, a doctor removes tumors by means of punctures.Operation that promotes relief of pain and inflammation, extremely painless.

Many people wonder how to treat thrombosis, when the affected main stem of saphenous veins.In this case, the appointed emergency surgery.carried out under local anesthesia.

often venous thrombosis are the "first sign" cancer.

In order to avoid the risk of terrible disease, you should regularly visit your doctor and fulfill all its requirements.

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