Causes , symptoms and basic treatment of thrombophlebitis in pregnancy

thrombophlebitis is called inflammation of the vessel wall, during which the formation of a blood clot, also referred to as a thrombus.The risk, in addition to the elderly, and the young are "beremenyashki".Thrombophlebitis in pregnancy justified taking place during the first weeks of gestation physiological changes.Against the background of a pathological increase in intra-abdominal pressure and blood clots affected veins of the legs and pelvis.


thrombophlebitis during pregnancy may develop on the background:

  1. Weight Gain.
  2. sedentary lifestyle.
  3. progression of infectious pathologies.
  4. progression of pathological cardiac system.
  5. progression of vascular pathologies.
  6. Use of hormonal contraceptives.
  7. Gistoza.
  8. Use of glucocorticoids.

dangerous pathology progresses two to three weeks after the resolution of the burden.


develops thrombosis in pregnant women as follows:

  • in the lower limbs appears softly expressed painful syndrome;
  • skin on areas of venous changes color, getting
    a little warmer to the touch, and then inflamed;
  • slightly increased body temperature;
  • painful "moves" syndrome in the lumbar region, sacrum and lower abdomen;
  • overall health is getting worse;
  • on the actual site of the clot is formed;
  • on the skin appear specific seal-clots;
  • during movement intensifies the pain.

dangerous complications for the human life is getting detached part of a blood clot in the pulmonary artery.

Diagnostic event

thrombophlebitis in pregnancy, unfortunately, is diagnosed with great difficulty.This is due to the presence of non-specific symptoms that may also indicate a flow of varicose veins.But if the young lady lucky enough to be at the reception of a meticulous specialist, the disease is detected in a timely manner.

By modern methods of diagnosis should include:

  1. sonographic study of veins.
  2. Fibrinogen.
  3. coagulogram.

Professional medical assistance

purpose of treating thrombosis in pregnancy is the relief of inflammation and local thrombotic process.Treatment begins after the establishment of an accurate diagnosis.Course Curative therapy is appointed "triumvirate" gynecologist gemologii and genetics.

course of treatment of this disease consists of medication, diet and appointed doctor mode.


medicines When thrombophlebitis during pregnancy, a doctor appointed by the receiving concomitant anticoagulants reduce clotting.Also appointed:

  1. Vegetable flebotoniki.
  2. anti-inflammatory gels.
  3. Analgesics (relevant when strong painful syndrome).

If the expectant mother is unwilling to "poison" your body with drugs, it is recommended to pay attention to wear compression products.This reduces puffiness and fatigue, as well as the disappearance of seizures.

Features diet

If the attending doctor has diagnosed the expectant mother "thrombophlebitis during pregnancy", the treatment, in addition to receiving their assigned medication, will include a special diet adherence.

So, it is extremely important to include in your diet foods that contribute to a decrease in blood clotting.Pay attention should:

  • seafood;
  • berries;
  • dried fruits;
  • ginger.

Also on the menu you want to include fresh fruit and vegetables, as part of which there are B vitamins should be present at the table, and products containing rutin and ascorbic acid.From oily and spicy foods must be abandoned.Regular tea is desirable to replace the ginger.

Preventive measures

To treatment of thrombophlebitis during pregnancy has borne fruit, a few simple rules you need to perform.This will help to avoid future recurrences of the disease and suppresses the development of an irreversible stage.

main preventive measure during the development of this pathology is the correct and timely treatment of venous disorders.

young lady, at risk, should focus udelat long pedestrian walks and swimming.During leisure desirable as often as possible to knead the feet, making them a circular motion.

Strongly recommended for a long time to sit in one position, as this contributes to blood stagnation and edema of the lower extremities.

observed in gemologii and need a gynecologist regularly.

Conclusion It is important to remember about planning pregnancy.From this factor depends on the successful birth of a healthy baby.

thrombophlebitis is not a sentence of a young woman.In the case of strict compliance with all requirements of the doctor, the chances to carry and produce healthy offspring are large enough.

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