The main methods of treatment and feeding habits with hemorrhoidal vasculitis

systemic pathology, called Henoch purpura disease or hemorrhoidal vasculitis, mostly affects children.But sometimes ill adults at-risk of infectious pathologies.

The disease is characterized by lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, skin capillaries.Also affected the kidneys and joints.

why the disease occurs?

Although hemorrhoidal vasculitis can affect a person at any age, the children who have not attained the age of three, almost always protected from the disease.

Most at risk are children aged four to twelve years.

Speaking about the causes of hemorrhagic vasculitis, it is important to note that it can start to progress seven-thirty days after such diseases as:

  1. SARS.
  2. angina.
  3. Scarlet fever.

Sometimes hemorrhoidal vasculitis develops on the background of drug intolerance or vaccination.Medicine known cases where people complained of symptoms of disease after ingestion:

  1. Penicillin.
  2. Himin.
  3. Streptomycin.
  4. barbiturates.
  5. sulfonamides.

Many people suffer from the symptoms of the disease o

n the background of cooling, a variety of injuries or allergic reaction to this or that product.


haemorrhoidal vasculitis manifests itself with 3 key features:

  • purpura (rash on the skin of red color);
  • abdominal syndrome;
  • arthritis (large joints are affected).

manifestations on the skin appear first on the extensor surface of the legs.Then there is their "transformation" in pigmentation, which does not pass a lot of time.

rash may be the only visible manifestation of disease.

Persons adulthood

Individuals who have reached the age of majority, hemorrhoidal vasculitis manifests itself in the form of a katgorichnoy than in children.The danger is virtually asymptomatic renal impairment.

have children

haemorrhoidal vasculitis in young children and adolescents appears hallmarks:

  • lethargy;
  • lack of appetite;
  • presence of specific skin rash (purpura);
  • painful sensations in the abdomen;
  • characteristic swelling and painful sensations in large joints.

disease Identification

diagnosis of this disease requires a non-specific changes in laboratory data.During the study, says:

  1. Increased ESR.
  2. level globullinov Increased alpha-2.
  3. Dysproteinemia.

In some cases, significantly reduced immunoglobulin G. If the disease is very severe, then the time of diagnosis are identified hypercoagulation.

Help your doctor

The treatment of the disease depends on the condition of the patient.Equally important is the development phase of the hemorrhoidal vasculitis.It is important to remember that the treatment of folk remedies hemorrhagic vasculitis should take place under the supervision of an experienced specialist.

Help adult

Treat the affected adult disease is expected by using antiplatelet agents.

dosage is selected individually and increases in the absence of the desired effect.

Helping children

ill kids transzuzionnoy appointed course of therapy.If the hemorrhoidal vasculitis takes very seriously, the doctor decides on plasmapheresis.

Traditional recipes

addition to conservative treatment is widely used folk remedies hemorrhagic vasculitis.Treatment of pathological condition by using:

  • tincture of elderberry flowers, mint leaves, grass tysyachelist on, kidney poplar and series (for cooking you need to make 1 tbsp mixture of well-1st cup of boiling water, and the use of 4-D times a day);
  • steep natural infusion of green tea (1 teaspoon of raw material to be brewed ½ st.kipyatka and infuse for ten minutes), which contributes to the stabilization of salt-water exchange;
  • infusion of peppermint leaves and grass tysyachelist-ka, field-of horsetail and black.Elderberry (tincture can be used both internally and externally), which is an excellent tool for applications;
  • mixture of rue and slivochn.masla (problem areas need to be lubricated 3-ri times within 12 hours).

Features Power

great importance during treatment is a diet with hemorrhagic vasculitis.Strict restrictions are not there, but before "adopt" in life dietary requirements, it is necessary to consult your doctor.

So, a diet with hemorrhagic vasculitis involves the exclusion from the product menu, cause allergic reactions, as well as alcoholic beverages.

During antivaskulitovoy treatment of bones and teeth of the patient is washed calcium.

In order to make up for the lack of it, should be included in the diet of low-fat dairy products.

Also, due to the lack of potassium in the body, a person must pay attention to:

  1. dried apricots.
  2. raisins.
  3. prunes.

If this disease is accompanied by kidney failure ,.the use kalisodergaszczye products is not recommended.In the case of anemia patients demonstrated the use of low-fat meat.


person should exercise strict control over the use of carbohydrates and high-melting fats.It is also important to monitor the calorie consumed products.

drawing up the menu, you need to be guided as the characteristics of the organism, and the requirements of the doctor.

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