Treatment of purulent tonsillitis in a short time - is it possible?

Anyone prone to attacks of pathogens that cause a variety of diseases as soon as the immune system fails.It is thus called and purulent tonsillitis, manifested by inflammation of the tonsils.Way streptococcus infection, the causative agent of the unpleasant ailment, may be the following:

  • Airborne path
  • contact with unwashed food, hands, utensils

When the disease a person begins to feel chills, sore throat, weakness,joint pain, and then a sharp jump in body temperature to 39 degrees.Huge uncomfortable, even at rest, can bring ulcers.Treatment of purulent tonsillitis should wear a medical character.

At the initial stage of the disease the patient is necessary to create the following conditions:

  • Bed rest
  • Meals should be balanced and rich in vitamins
  • important to eliminate spicy food and hot and cold dishes
  • ensure excessive drinking

therapeutic approach,which requires purulent tonsillitis - treatment with antibiotics and bed rest is mandatory.This is the main thing that needs to know


about how to treat purulent angina is better to learn from your doctor, as this disease is quite serious and can have complications.


diseases This treatment involves taking the following drugs:

  • sulfa drugs
  • antibiotics (aerosols, in the form of capsules and injection)
  • intake of vitamins A, C, E
  • rinse solution furatsilina

Questionhow quickly heal festering sore throat, rises when a person urgently need to go to work or to solve urgent problems.It is important to understand that this disease can not be transferred to the legs.All cases should be postponed and engage in treatment only.

Lechimsya folk remedies

As additional means of symptomatic treatment can be used and the methods of traditional medicine.The most famous "grandmother's recipes" are the following:

  • inhalation broth of garlic with the addition of soda food
  • gargling different decoction of herbs (sage, elderberry leaves, mallow)
  • classic rinse with purulent angina (saline and soda solutionwith the addition of iodine, strong tea with the addition of salt)

Be aware of the dangers of the disease.Very contraindicated any local heating, compresses.These procedures may cause further spread of infection.It is important to understand that the patient needs a qualified doctor who will diagnose correctly and competently pick up medicine for purulent tonsillitis.

purulent tonsillitis during pregnancy

purulent tonsillitis infectious disease that can cause a variety of complications such as:

  • heart defects
  • rheumatism
  • arthritis
  • kidney disease
  • pregnancy complication

When pregnancy purulent tonsillitis bearsdouble danger to the mother and child.Drug treatment of this disease is the use of antibiotics, which should take care to pregnant women.But the risk of complications from the disease is much higher than the potential threat of a specially selected product.

Now there are a number of antibiotics that are not contraindicated for pregnant women.In no event it is impossible to take them on their own without a doctor's prescription.

The rest for pregnant women apply all methods of local treatment:

  • purulent tonsillitis gargle with a decoction of herbs, furatsilinom
  • inhalation
  • compliance with drinking mode
  • balanced and vitamin-rich food

This is important!

  • If you are concerned about symptoms characteristic of purulent tonsillitis, contact your doctor immediately
  • immediately start gargling with a salt solution, sodium and iodine
  • If necessary, take antipyretics and analgesics
  • Do not attempt to pick up the medication from purulentangina, ieantibiotics
  • aware of the possible complications

Watch out for your health and adequately react to the symptoms of various diseases.Be healthy!

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