Symptoms causes cerebral atherosclerosis and its treatment methods

Cerebral arteriosclerosis is a multifactorial process, in which an important role belongs to cholesterol.The development of this dangerous condition contributes to incorrect lifestyle, including nicotine and alcohol abuse, neglect vitamins and physical activity.

At the dawn of the twentieth century, doctors have proven that a key cause of this disease is excess cholesterol.

Investigations of this serious and complex diseases continue to this day.

When it's time to run to the doctor?

Modern doctors are the following symptoms of atherosclerosis of brain vessels:

  1. man experiencing a headache aching, dull character (eventually pain intensified and take a chronic form).
  2. observed specific noise in the ears.
  3. dizzy often, that is accompanied by the sight of the dark "flies."
  4. While walking man "puts" and from it seems that he was drunk.
  5. disturbed coordination of movements.
  6. person often blushes and vspotevaet.
  7. person suffers from insomnia (it may or may often wake up and face serious problems with fal
    ling asleep).
  8. patients often dream of nightmares.
  9. There is trembling in his hands.
  10. 's face asymmetry appears.

specific symptoms of cerebral arteriosclerosis accompanied by behavioral changes.Man becomes sverhpodozritelnym often unreasonably anxious, irritable and grumbling, even over trifles.Sometimes the patient develops signs of distemper, which is then transformed into a depression.

In most cases, atherosclerosis affects the beautiful half of humanity.The risk of developing the disease increases in the region of fifty-five - sixty years.

danger of atherosclerosis of brain vessels is that in case of delayed treatment, it leads to paralysis, myocardial infarction, stroke or dementia.Therefore, it is desirable to closely monitor their health and when the first symptoms of cerebral arteriosclerosis consult your doctor.

Features medical care

Atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels, except in severe, treatment involves surgery and a long rehabilitation period.In order to avoid getting a surgical scalpel, it is crucial to see a doctor and strictly adhere to its recommendations.


Today, the purpose of conservative treatment of cerebral vascular atherosclerosis is the harmonization of lipid metabolism and arresting the progression of comorbidities.

Among the medicines for the treatment of atherosclerosis of brain vessels, should be made:

  • piracetam;
  • Sermion;
  • trental;
  • Halidorum;
  • vestibol.

Lechimsya home

order to forget about the symptoms of atherosclerosis of brain vessels, it is important to combine the reception doctor prescribed medications with known "grandmother" means.Treatment of Atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels to be successful.if you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • should drink daily at least one tablespoon of freshly squeezed potato juice;
  • cause cholesterol levels to normal will use any vegetable oil (you need to drink 2-3 tsp);
  • contributes to the improvement of the use of a mixture of honey with finely chopped garlic;
  • if a person is working on a remote work, then he needs every day to eat a raw onion head.

eat right

Treatment of cerebrovascular atherosclerosis will not be complete if not ignore the recommendations on diet.

So, if a patient is diagnosed "cerebral atherosclerosis", he should forget about the use of fatty meats and poultry. fat milk and cream should also be excluded from its menu.Grilled and smoked "delicacies", too, should be taboo.

A seafood and saltwater fish need special attention.Also, a person suffering from atherosclerosis of brain vessels, it is recommended to lean on nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables.

man, who is at risk, should eat food is not more than six times.Portions should be small.At night, anything "throw" inside, in spite of the "request" of the stomach should not be.

look from time immemorial

Folk remedies play an important role in the treatment of atherosclerosis of brain vessels.Especially popular are the following recipes:

  • mix in equal proportions sheet of white birch tea pochchech th, herb St. John's wort-I, flowers sandy immortal on, grass 3 hrazdelnoy series, a few leaves of young hawthorn and field mint, pour boiling water andinfuse for 2 hours (taking the drug should be at least 1/3 to 3 times before eating food);
  • mix mint, horsetail floor-oh, strawberries and fennel in equal parts, add three parts of sage, spikes-ka and a vacant lot on, pour boiling water, to insist, to take a similar manner;
  • mix three parts Echinops com th seeded flax, clover and wild rose Cinnamon th, add strawberry leaves, rowan com th, licorice naked and St. John's wort aperturing minutes, pour boiling water, to insist, to take a similar manner;
  • finely chop one head fresh onion, mix with a glass of sugar, put in 72 hours in a dark place, after which eat the onion and sugar gruel every 3-ri hours.

no less effective means considered broths horseradish, boiled potato peelings, as well as a tasty medicine, like mashed potatoes, made from dried fruit.

French doctors use guilt was proven not so long ago.Currently the drug is made from white wine, honey and onions, you must use two tablespoons per day.

Preventive measures

Preventing such a complex disease such as cerebral atherosclerosis consists of primary and secondary forms.

Primary prevention involves arresting the development of a dangerous condition.This is achieved by influencing the risk factors.So, a person who is at risk should eat right, do not forget about the hygiene requirements and moderate physical activity.It is also important to avoid stressful situations, smoking cessation and regular visits to your doctor.

Secondary prevention involves passing a course of thermal treatments at the back of the neck area.

When the disease was just asserting itself, should radically rethink its way of life and begin to focus on medical gymnastics, jogging, walking outdoors, tourism and various sports games.

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