How to choose the oral irrigator : tips

Many patients learn about the existence of the oral irrigator your dentist at the time when the braces are put.Someone when it comes to treat periodontitis, and only a small percentage decide to buy irrigator for oral cavity to prevent.

This device helps to wash away food debris and plaque from hard to reach places, and massage the gums, thereby improving blood flow.

maintain their health every day become more difficult With our current pace of life.This applies particularly to oral hygiene - frequent snacks, lunches at work and the inability to time to brush your teeth leads to the fact that at a young age, many have problems with gums and teeth.For this reason, it is better to carry out preventive measures in time than to go to doctors.

Irrigator oral price of which can be varied depending on the model and the quality of the product, is a modern tool for maintaining hygiene in the mouth.Teeth and gums are cleaned by means of a trickle of water or a special drug.As a result, food residues are wa

shed out completely from hard to reach places, which prevents the development of pathogenic microbes.

reviews irrigators Mouth can be found on the Internet, he has long established itself only with the best hand is the number one tool in the field of dentistry for the prevention of oral diseases.

What is the irrigator?

This device is very useful for the care of prosthetic teeth, crowns or other dental devices.Through manual adjustments of water forces them to have access to not only adults but also children.

main indicators to use are:

  • eliminate bad breath;
  • cleaning hard to reach places;
  • as a means of prevention;
  • bleeding gums;
  • for the prevention of rejection of implants, gum disease in people with diabetes.

Select your device

All models irrigators are divided into two groups:

  1. stationary;
  2. portable.

If you plan to use this device in the home, then it is better to pay attention to a stationary model.This irrigator operates on 220V and manufactured in various sizes.So you can easily find a desired irrigator oral feedback on which you like best.

If you need a device that can be taken without any problems on the road, then you need a portable oral irrigator.It is very convenient, but it has little power less than that of a landline.The disadvantages of these models treat only that we can not vary the body, as if to lift the unit upside down, the liquid in the pump will stop coming.It is also not recommended to use them daily.

In order to make the right choice and to buy exactly the model that you need, you need to start to consider several conditions:

  • first need to decide what you need: irrigator separately or in conjunction with an electric toothbrush;
  • device for the whole family or with existing removable nozzles;
  • price oral irrigator;
  • Before you start to use this device, you must familiarize yourself with simple rules.

Instructions for use

  • Irrigator can not be used as a substitute for a conventional toothbrush daily.It should only complement it.
  • It can not be included for a long time without water.
  • irrigator must be purchased for special conditioners, since conventional foam and can clog the machine.If you plan to use herbal teas, before using them must be carefully filtered.
  • After the cleaning procedure, the entire system must be flushed with clean water usual.
  • To impurities from the water did not get into the system and not scored it is better to use specially filtered water.
  • Store irrigator better in the clear.So it is possible to prevent development of the microorganism in a tank intended for water.

Buy irrigator oral comments which simply leaves no doubt about its necessity, is possible at any specialty store.

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