The main reasons for the different types of vasculitis

vasculitis disease is characterized by acute inflammation, localized on the walls of small blood vessels in the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Its danger lies in the fact that the abnormal changes observed in blood vessels, can occur in a protracted, chronic form.

vasculitis occurs mainly due to disturbances in the immune system and may in addition be manifested as a cutaneous syndrome, rheumatic fever, systemic lupus red, allergies or tumors of various kinds.

disease also can occur after suffering acute respiratory viral infections, flu or sore throat.First of all, the skin on the affected leg.This is manifested in the form of bubbles, filled with blood, and subsequently turning into knots, and then - in an ulcer.

Common causes of disease

Vasculitis - reasons not yet fully understood.It is believed that the disease appears due to chronic infections, including sinusitis, tonsillitis, adnexitises and other diseases.

also implying factors include bacteria such as staphylococcus and streptococcus

, viruses, fungi, and some species of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.The reasons may be endocrine disorders, chronic intoxication, disturbances in metabolism, physical and mental disorders.

Many people wonder whether vasculitis is contagious.It is a primary, as an independent disease.It is not contagious.And secondary infectious vasculitis caused by infectious diseases.

Causes of hemorrhagic vasculitis

hemorrhagic vasculitis - is one of the forms at the base of which is hyperergic inflammation of small blood vessels and capillaries.

Causes of the disease may be different.Among them are the products of bacterial or viral, allergenic components in food, medicines.

Treatment of hemorrhagic vasculitis - is the destruction of the factors that can have a negative effect on the whole body.

essential drugs are antisense drugs, as well as tools for correction of immunity.After antibiotikogrammy prescribe antibacterial drugs except penicillin and sulfonamides.

also used vitamin and antihistamine, reduces the appearance of vascular reactions, including medication, good for the movement of blood through the vessels.In severe cases, apply hormonal preparations from the group of corticoids.

Keeping a diet

Diet for this disease is to eliminate allergic foods: citrus, exotic fruits, chocolate, honey, sea fish, poultry, nuts, eggs.

allowed to use the products only in cooked form.

vascular vasculitis

vascular vasculitis characterized by inflammation of the vascular walls, arises from the presence of foci of chronic smoldering infection.

With this type of disease is affected most, and sometimes all the vessels of the body, and there is an inflammation of their walls.As a result, there is a violation of many organs and body systems.

Infectious disease

Infectious vasculitis occurs in the presence of infectious diseases due to the damaging effect of the pathogen on the walls of blood vessels.The pathogen enters the body by overcoming the biological barrier of the mucous membranes through the bloodstream.

This raises vascular disease and increases the activity of the immune system to combat the microorganism and penetrated to the destruction of the host cells.

Vasculitis light

sick occurs when the virus enters the human body through the upper respiratory tract.It develops on the background of rheumatic process or in conjunction with other signs of activity in the process.

he manifested as cough, dyspnea, hemoptysis.However, no changes in the lungs percussion is not observed, but is accompanied by abundant crackles.At the first signs of vasculitis, immediately contact your doctor for prompt diagnosis and prescribed treatment correctly.We wish you good health!

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