Chronic pharyngitis treatment and prevention of diseases

Chronic pharyngitis is a disease in which inflamed mucous membranes of the pharynx.Sometimes it acts as an isolated disease as collateral any profession.It can be diagnosed simultaneously with chronic sinusitis or tonsillitis.

After the diagnosis - treatment of chronic pharyngitis should take place as intended and under the supervision of a specialist.


primary cause of pharyngitis considered:

  • weakness of immunity;
  • presence of allergies;
  • Regular hypothermia;
  • avitominoz;
  • specifics of the profession;
  • Chronic sinuses, tonsils, adenoids, mouth;
  • Fatigue.

The main agents that provoke occasional exacerbation of chronic pharyngitis, experts attribute: conditionally pathogenic and pathogenic streptococci, staphylococci;herpes viruses;adenoviruses;fungal.

Therefore, before deciding how to cure chronic pharyngitis, you should identify the specific cause of its formation and pathogen.This requires a series of tests.

therapeutic process

to the treatment process has led to the full recove

ry of the patient, the doctor should form a set of procedures.

For local antimicrobial therapy, prescribers, containing in its composition antiseptics, local anesthetics, antibiotics less frequently.These preparations may be in the form of rinses, inhalation (ingalipt), candy or lozenges (Drill, Faringosept, geksaliz).

high efficiency in the treatment process shows inhaled antibiotic fyuzafyunzhin (Bioparox).He consistently shows high antimicrobial properties, as well as the famous anti-inflammatory action.Good results show Imudon use of drugs, hexetidine, Octenisept.

In establishing bacterial pharyngitis, antibiotics are included in the complex.

To facilitate the disease state is recommended to rinse gently warmed with antiseptic solutions (furatsillin).To restore the body protective equipment are assigned immunocorrectors promising vitamin and mineral preparations.
the presence of chronic infection in the adjacent areas is carried out aimed treatment of the problem identified.

In acute treatment of chronic pharyngitis is supplemented hot compress on his neck, steam inhalations, special foot baths.

experienced specialist recommends that the composition of complex therapy of gentle throat and weakened body diet and stop smoking.

Atrophic chronic pharyngitis

In this stage of the disease the mucous membrane becomes thinner, dry, sometimes covered with viscous mucus and crusts.Typically, such an effect causes the primary purulent inflammatory process in the tonsils, nasal cavity or the other.Therefore, treatment of atrophic chronic pharyngitis should be directed primarily at addressing the general and local causes of the disease.

Therapy involves washing the surface of the throat of mucus and crusts.Periodically courses should be lubricated back of the throat Lugol or other composition.Do not use drugs that have a drying effect.For example, it prohibits the use of sea buckthorn oil or eucalyptus.

well proven procaine blockade locally in the sides of the posterior pharyngeal wall.Novocaine is desirable to introduce a biostimulants: vitreous traumel, aloe.Treatment formalized course of ten treatments, separated by an interval of seven days.

Treatment of chronic pharyngitis is a folk remedies - gargling decoction of medicinal herbs, useful vitamin teas, essential oils.


This group means to combat chronic pharyngitis includes activities that enhance the body's immunity.The puzzle is how to treat chronic pharyngitis, you should think about the general hardening of the body, and the hardening of the pharynx in particular.For this fit the daily rinsing with a gradual decrease in temperature of the water solution of the healing sea salt.

Take care of timely cure all diseases, especially seasonal SARS.Often wrong, intuitive self-SARS provokes throat.

In the offseason, protect your immune system drugs ribomunil, IRS-19.

Refer to the allergist to get rid of long-standing allergies.

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