Is it possible to cure the veins in the legs without surgery ?

known that the human body is a closed system - the lifeblood on which moves arterial and venous blood.Undoubtedly, the veins in the lower leg bear the brunt, because blood has to flow from the bottom up, overcoming gravity and the force of gravity.

on the walls of the veins are venous valves, which slammed shut after advancing blood meal up.The valves are opened only in one direction, helping blood to move vverh.Etot process occurs by reducing the muscle during movement, blood pressure and respiration process, which pushes blood from large vessels to smaller ones.

Most often the disease affects women, but also men - is no exception to this rule.veins treatment on their feet - a necessary measure, and be able to help with this experienced phlebologist.


important reason may be hereditary diseases.Deformation of the venous valves, lack of elasticity of the walls of veins crimped structure themselves - and their disease did not take long.In second place - the extra weight, which creates an a

dditional burden on their feet.People with obesity often notice pain veins and swelling.

In third place of reasons - pregnancy.If before delivery did not pass inspection, the vessels in the legs during pregnancy may be deformed.Finally, the cause may be a long-term stay of the person in a standing position, a sedentary lifestyle, poor bowel habits, weight lifting at work, high shoes, smoking and the abuse of alcohol.

In all cases, the blood vessels creates more pressure valves, which prevents the outflow of blood from the bottom up.Knowledge of the causes of blood vessels in the legs of patients is the basis of preventing their appearance.

symptoms first appear

leg cramps, especially in the late afternoon and night.Then there are swelling, fatigue, man increasingly difficult to stand for a long time.Treatment veins on the legs in this step may be purely therapeutic.

If time does not begin treatment, symptoms such itching, unpleasant burning sensation, heaviness in the legs.The skin may be more dense feel.We show concern only when in the zone of the superficial and deep veins of the lower limbs begin to appear pain.

If at this stage of the disease not to see a doctor, can occur vessels strain.The feet are visible veins vzbuhshie and painful, the skin is covered with dark spots, and becomes dry.Treatment on the legs in this case primarily surgical.

Treatment of varicose veins

veins on the legs Treatment will depend on the stage of the disease at the time of treatment to the doctor.In the initial stage, you are able to help themselves or do folk remedies.Move more, do not sit or stand in one position for a long time, do gymnastics, limit salt intake.

Medication on their feet - an ointment, which include the substances, toning the walls of veins.These include Troxevasin, Lioton, Venoruton and others.You can choose the compression garment, which does not interfere with the venous outflow and create a supportive effect.But all these methods are effective when there is no blockage.

Many people, especially women, are afraid to go to the doctor because they think that the expansion of blood vessels in the legs can be cured only with the help of a scalpel.How to remove the veins in the legs, without cosmetic defects, quickly and painlessly?Modern methods of treatment of varicose veins offer safe and reliable way.

Sclerotherapy - a very efficient method of therapy.In the vein injected with a fine needle sklerozant - a special substance that glues the damaged vessel wall.There is a vein filling, the blood flow through it stops and then it atrophies.The blood begins to flow through healthy blood vessels.

Recently foam sclerosant used, and this type of treatment is called sclerotherapy Foam-form.Several sessions and a half years from the sick veins will be over.Plus method is that the patient does not break your rhythm of life and not feel discomfort.

Laser hardening - the damaged area is treated with a laser beam.There is a boiling of the blood plasma, followed by vein occlusion.This method is particularly effective in the early stages of the disease.

Radiofrequency obliteration - the principle is the same as that in the laser sklerozirovanii.Vienna irradiated with microwaves wall, as it were "welded" and clotting occurs and subsequent atrophy of the vessel.Ideal for the treatment of large diameter veins.

Surgical treatments

Miniflebektomiya - performed under local anesthesia, the deformed vessels removed by mini-puncture.For best results, use both laser and sclerotherapy drug.Superimposed cosmetic seams, and the subsequent use of compression hosiery achieved a perfect cosmetic effect.Short stripping - not the whole Vienna is removed, and only the affected area.

When the disease veins treatment is less traumatic.Patients recover quickly and do not experience pain after surgery.Endoscopic dissection - an advantage of the method is that the doctor inserts an endoscope into it, by means of which sees the affected area of ​​the veins and cuts them.

injury during the operation is reduced to a minimum, and thanks to this method is considered the most promising.Remember that when a very minor symptoms need competent specialist advice, which you will choose a method of treatment.

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