Varicose veins are stopping you ?Read about the causes and prevention !

to be aware of varicose veins - causes and Prevention.

Vienna and the causes of their illness

Varicose veins - this is, unfortunately, pervasive disease that is to increase the lumen and loss of vessel wall elasticity, which sooner or later leads to the aesthetic and physical discomfort, as well as other health problems.

Why is our blood, bypassing the laws of attraction, flows upward?There is a reverse blood flow - through human skeletal muscle, which nature has turned into a kind of pumps.For the shortening of the heart through the body covered by a light impulse wave Biotok, which causes a slight contraction of the muscles.

That in turn gives an additional impetus to the venous blood upward movement.Such diseases as causes of varicose veins can be varied.Patients often attacked by several factors.

Reduced vascular tone

Tone depends on the wall thickness of the veins and muscle activity.On the activity of muscle cells negatively can affect the action of toxins of certain bacteria (for exam

ple, periodontal disease, influenza, pyelonephritis, rheumatism)

Hereditary predisposition

Unfortunately, we can inherit from parents not only blue eyes, and even varicose veins of the esophagus -reasons which will be covered is in the pedigree of your surname.If you suffer from varicose veins, even one of the parents, the possibility of developing the disease is 70 percent!

But scientists have found that the disease itself is not inherited, congenital and structural features of the veins.Transmits one or both factors: the weakness of the connective tissue of vascular walls and genetically determined deficiency of valves of veins.This is a very rare disease, such as varicose veins in her arms, is mostly a hereditary predisposition.

hormonal changes

Most varicose veins in women "run" in the period of puberty, the second and more pregnancy, after childbirth, as well as the appearance of menopause.Repeatedly investigated and proved that women are more prone to varicose veins causes of which lie in regular hormonal changes the body.

Effect of hormonal factors on varicose disease is growing more and more every year.This happens because of hormonal contraception and hormone replacement therapy used in the treatment of menopause.Hormones are prescribed and metabolic disorders.

has been repeatedly confirmed that the female sex hormones, as well as their synthetic counterparts, significantly reducing venous tone.Hormones slowly destroy collagen vascular fiber.

Nervous profession and way of life with a minimum of

movements If a person suffers from nervous diseases - it also contributes to the development of varicose veins.Ugly disease and chooses the people in the field - a long standing or sedentary work - it means risking to face with protruding veins.

Surprisingly, even race has value, not to mention the extra weight.Europeans suffering from obesity and leading lifestyle, far from even a small sports - that's a portrait of the future or the present patient's varicose veins.

Varicose and childhood

sad, but it happens, and varicose veins in children and adolescents.This disease is transmitted to the child by inheritance.

What prohibitions carries disease varicose veins?

Contraindications for varicose veins are numerous enough, here are the main ones:

  • lifting and transport of loads;
  • Traumatic types of exercise - exercises with a barbell, running;
  • bath or sauna as well as a hot shower or a hot bath;
  • high shoes with narrow toe;
  • Tight clothing.

competent approach to their health is quite able to keep the disease from progressing, of course, in conjunction with the prescribing physician treatment regimen.Refer to the list, and as a preventive measure, because everyone knows that warn of trouble much easier.

treatments for varicose veins

When non-surgical method of treatment is used sclerotherapy.

It happens:

  • foam,
  • mikroskleroterapiya,
  • ehosklerozirovanie
  • solutions.

If there are already serious vascular changes, the doctor prescribes a surgical treatment of the disease.Thus superimposed cosmetic seams, if made excision vein puncture 03.04.

In folk treatment methods are various tinctures, herbal teas and dietary supplements.But the effect is not expressed, since this method is largely disease impotent.Traditional medicine should be used as an additional, not replacement therapy for varicose veins.

Separate direction - this treatment of varicose veins with leeches.Hirudotherapy - is a science, but unfortunately, little doctors are not able to return the wall greatly enlarged veins in the normal state.

Special ointments have a good effect of withdrawal syndrome of heavy and tired legs.Venous drugs help strengthen the lower extremities of the vessel walls, and thus delay the progression of the disease.
In any case, the method of treatment it is necessary to find out from the experts.

Physical education - the key to healthy veins!

Hardly anyone would like to have sore feet, so to be a worthy response to the varicose veins - exercise, good nutrition and other preventive measures.For example, take a good habit - sitting, with his feet up.

And do contrasting leg perfusion, often walk barefoot in the summer and do not abuse solar baths.And let varicose veins will not you pay for walking upright.Be healthy!

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