Varicose veins during pregnancy is difficult to be treated !

varicose veins during pregnancy is hardly rare disease, because every second woman is faced with this while carrying a child.

Causes of illness

is impossible to determine the cause of this condition uniquely trigger the development of the disease can be a number of factors.To attend to their health need even before varicose veins symptoms become pronounced, as to prevent the development of disease is much easier than to treat it.

Unfortunately, the risk of varicose in pregnant women increases in proportion to the gestational age, but most often the first symptoms of the disease appear in the second trimester.One of the most complex and serious complications of pregnancy and childbirth is a venous thrombosis, but also while carrying it poses a serious threat to the health of the child and mother - varicose veins after birth as possible.

Causes of varicose veins during pregnancy
Pregnancy is a significant stress to the woman's body, so there is hormonal changes.At this time, the body is said to

rapid growth and birth of a child - joints soften and become more flexible, but at the same time lose their tone and elasticity of blood vessels.In this state, the veins are easily deformed.

emergence of varicose veins in pregnant women contribute to several factors:

  1. uterus is growing rapidly and hinders blood flow in the vessels of the lower extremities;
  2. presence of hereditary predisposition;
  3. overweight before pregnancy or speed dial kilograms in its time;
  4. physical inactivity;
  5. stay in the sun for a long time;
  6. second or any subsequent pregnancy;
  7. there are problems with blood vessels before pregnancy.

Treatment and prevention of varicose veins during pregnancy

Prevention of varicose veins need to be addressed even in the earliest stages of pregnancy, especially if there are conditions for its development.First of all, you need to purchase a comfortable orthopedic shoes on steady heel of medium height.During pregnancy, strictly prohibited the wearing of high heels, as it not only contributes to vascular problems, but also threatens to accidental falls and injuries, because the center of gravity due to the rapidly growing belly moves.

Do not constantly spending time on their feet during operation - if necessary, a gynecologist who watches a woman can give conclusions about the change of working conditions and labor regime of the future mother are bound to be changes.In most cases, both in the prophylactic and therapeutic purposes is recommended wearing compression underwear.

There are special stockings varicose veins for pregnant women, which differ from conventional compression tights presence adjustable mesh in place of the abdomen that allows you to not put pressure on him, but only on the lower limbs.A variation of this underwear are ichulki from varicose veins, which is especially useful in the summer, it's not so hot in stockings.

But we should remember that in the case of varicose veins in pregnant already very pronounced, it is better to use the tights, which allow to operate uniformly and squeezing the entire foot.In addition, it is aware that it is very important to wear underwear, or no effect will be.This can be done only lying, preferably before, as a woman for the first time to rise from the bed.Wear underwear will always have before birth and even after them.

To prevent varicose veins during pregnancy are useful fresh air, because they allow you to relax and also improve blood circulation in the lower extremities.Also do not forget about the benefits of the daily baths of cold water for the feet, you can gently massage the feet.

During pregnancy, varicose veins treatment options are severely limited, because it is very important not to do any harm to the child.To maintain the state of varicose veins is recommended to use drug therapy, which includes drugs in the form of tablets and ointments from varicose veins.

appoint any medicine can only be a doctor, and self can be dangerous for both mother and child.Even funds from the arsenal of traditional medicine may be used only after consultation with your doctor, because these funds may have an impact on the state of the tone of the uterus and blood clotting.

Childbirth varicose veins must pass in an elastic bandage that wrapped both legs, regardless of whether a woman will give birth alone or recommended Caesarean section.In each case the decision on the tactics of delivery will be made by a council of experts - will be important and localization of the affected veins, and the severity of pathological changes, and the spread of the pathological process in the vein of other vascular beds - vessels pelvic, hemorrhoidal plexus, uterine, abdominalcavity in general.

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