Varicose veins : the symptoms and treatment of different methods

Varicose veins is a pathological condition which may be encountered almost everyone - despite the fact that the fair sex are suffering from this disease are much more likely, that men often have severe, life-threatening complications (thrombosis and thromboembolism).

For the treatment of varicose veins today can be used as drugs applied topically, and that drugs taken by mouth.Create an effective remedy for varicose veins dream of every professional who is faced with this problem, or a pharmaceutical company engaged in the study of drugs that affect the state of the vascular wall and blood properties - such means will always be in demand by patients suffering from this disease.

Many people feel quite lightly varicose veins only a cosmetic problem, which prevents wear a certain type of clothing or limit the functionality of the man, but the doctors involved in this issue, saying that the patient afraid of complications.

manifestations of varicose veins - what to look out for

Each vascular surgeo

n or phlebologist that pass advise patients with symptoms of the disease, can be said that the vast majority of patients come for consultation at the wrong time, when the veins onlegs only appears, and at the stage of pronounced changes or complications.Swollen veins in the legs become visible at this stage, but the first symptoms suggestive of progression of vascular disorders in the venous circulation of the lower limbs become tired in the legs in the evening.

Discomfort may occur after a long stay in an upright position, in the same situation may cause convulsive twitches at night, swelling of the lower half of the body subcutaneous fat (most of all - on the feet and legs).Very often, the fair sex are complaining that much visible veins in the legs began only during pregnancy or after the beginning of menopause (in this case, the appearance of the symptoms are often accompanied by other symptoms of hormonal imbalance).

is important to remember that the bumps on leg veins indicate that the disease has passed from the stage of initial changes in the stage of trophic disorders, and it already requires the use of the entire arsenal of tools used for the treatment of varicose veins.If the patient is found varicose veins - symptoms should not be ignored, because with the development of varicose veins are violated not only the conditions of blood circulation in the veins, and blood rheology (sharply increased its clotting and blood clots occur in the blood vessels).That is why when there is a separation of thrombus embolism of various organs, including the brain vascular or pulmonary arteries, which represents a mortal danger for the life of the patient - the development of such a state will require an immediate and intensive treatment.

to cure varicose veins is possible?

If a patient is diagnosed varicose veins on the legs, on the early diagnosis and timely and comprehensive treatment will depend on the condition of the tissues of the lower limbs, and the circulatory system of the body as a whole, and the ability to prevent complications of the pathological condition.In the case where the doctor finds varicose veins in the legs - treatment will be selected only after:

  • study the history of the disease and the patient's complaints;
  • clinical and biochemical blood tests, in which necessarily involves performing coagulation and tests to detect threatening disorders of hemostasis and a high probability of occurrence of thrombosis;
  • ultrasound scan of the lower limbs, with obligatory determination of blood flow velocity (Doppler);
  • vascular angiographic studies with suspected deep venous lower leg defeat.

The main components of the treatment of varicose veins are use:

  • crafted diet;
  • the use of traditional medicine;
  • appointment of local and systemic drug therapy;
  • using modern surgical methods of treatment.

Dining with varicose veins should be as balanced and adjusted, if possible, overweight.The diet of the patient should be a sufficient amount of animal protein coming from the meat of young animals or various seafood - only with the food the body can do a sufficient amount of elastin (a protein needed to restore the vascular walls of the veins).It is important to adequate intake of fruits and vegetables, which will be a source of vitamins and will prevent the occurrence of constipation.

Treatment with leeches for varicose veins pursues multiple objectives, the main of which becomes a hit in the body and an effective natural anti-coagulant effect on biologically active points of the body responsible for the regulation of venous tone.Such treatment should be performed by a qualified specialist who has experience in the use of hirudotherapy.

If the patient develops an initial varicose veins - popular recipes tested centuries-old experience, can help slow down the progression of changes.Popular use of extracts of horse chestnut in the form of decoctions and infusions for oral administration, as well as preparations for topical application.Used in the treatment of varicose veins field horsetail, Lycopodium clavatum, dandelion, verbena, peony, raspberry, clover medicinal, root - use recipes created by a huge amount.

tablets from varicose veins are, in most cases, purified substances derived from traditional medicine.Of course, this treatment has the expected effect much sooner than decoctions and infusions, but the cost of such treatment is many times more.In addition, it can be used drugs affecting the vascular tone and blood coagulation, but such therapy need to coordinate with your doctor if necessary.

laser treatment

Laser treatment of varicose veins is most effective and modern method of minimally invasive surgery - laser treatment of vascular lesions ( "sealing of") causes a cessation of blood flow and vascular zapustevanie.This reduces the severity of a cosmetic defect that is so noticeable when varicose veins, but has no effect on the cause of the disease and the mechanism of its development.That is why this treatment can be used as a component of a comprehensive treatment of varicose veins of the body and its special case - varicose veins.

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