What if it hurts Vienna on foot ?Methods of treatment

Sore shins, calf muscles and joints manifests itself in most cases due to the presence of inflammatory diseases of the veins.These include phlebitis and thrombophlebitis, a typical symptom of which is the development of varicose veins, which is accompanied by a pronounced expansion.

pathogenetic basis of varicose veins

Under varicose means abnormal veins, accompanied by soreness, swelling and dysfunction.This condition is characterized by a feeling of heaviness in the legs, which sometimes does not allow to fall asleep at night.The most frequent symptoms are similar in women, it is associated with certain types of vascular structure, individual susceptibility, and pregnancy.

If the first sign of patient notes that hurts Vienna on foot, it is likely that there was thrombosis of the vessel.Due to the fact that blood flow is disturbed, in containers remains a large amount of its expanding and stretching the vessel wall.This venous system of the lower extremities consists of two networks: a deep and

superficial network.Most

blood flows away by deep venous system, whereas the surface involved in the blood extracted from the skin.When clotting pain in the veins in the legs that occurs due to compression of tissue stretched vessel.The pain is dull in nature, the patient feels that pulls on the legs vessels.This feeling of tension provoked by the vessel wall, namely, the surface of the network system.

phlebitis and thrombophlebitis of superficial veins

In response to the expansion of the superficial veins, there are signs of inflammation.They appear due to the fact that these nodules are constantly injured.The damaged vessel wall is a factor in the activation of the hemostatic system, but because the clot is formed on the inner surface.

It further exacerbates the condition, and Vienna sore on his leg as intense.When this becomes noticeably outwardly expanding a vascular loops, whereas on the surface can be palpated dense pellets derived vasodilatation.These morphological features are called varicose knots.

Under phlebitis refers to a similar pathology, the outcome of which is also varicose veins.At the site of inflammation expansion occurs, however, the activation system of thrombosis does not occur.Because the decisive factor here is the presence of an infectious factor, which subsequently causes the varicose veins on the legs.Because the pathogenic mechanism explains the reason why hurt veins in the legs.

Medical tactic with varicose veins

most typical tactics of treatment of varicose veins - is to eliminate the causes.Inflammation in the legs is a major factor leading to vasodilatation.Because initial actions aimed at improving blood circulation by him.This is carried out using heparin ointment, as well as the commercial counterpart - gel "Lioton".

infectious agents is eliminated with antibiotics, used locally and internally.Where to restore the normal flow of blood through the veins is no objective possibility, performed surgery.Foot surgery involves three tactics.

first - a separation discharge of blood from the deep veins in the surface by means of connecting sosudov.Vtoraya - the removal of superficial veins in place of their expansion and inflammation.The third tactic - is to disunite the bed surface and deep system through the dressing in place of its confluence with the iliac vein.

The data operations can not adjust the inflammation in the foot, but because they can not be carried out in the period when it occurs in the acute stage.Also, if the veins on the legs hurt - the treatment may pursue and another tactic.She is to increase vascular tone drugs.

These should include the synthetic vasopressin analogue - desmopressin.This is a drug that acts on the biological fluid exchange mechanisms, as well as the effect on vascular tone.Its use is justified when there is a genetic predisposition to varicose veins.

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