Symptoms , types, causes catarrhal gingivitis .Treatment and prevention of disease

prevalence of periodontal diseases is growing every day.Few pay attention to the initial stage of the process - catarrhal gingivitis.If untreated, the disease develops gradually, leading eventually to the advanced stage of periodontal disease and tooth loss.

term "catarrhal gingivitis" means a non-specific inflammation of the gums characterized by erythema, edema and bleeding tissues surrounding the tooth.This periodontal connection is not broken.

causes of illness

According to clinicians, the etiology of gingivitis include general and local factors, but among vracheykataralny disease called gingivitis uncleaned teeth.

Local causes:

  1. Poor oral hygiene, bacteria that collects in the dental plaque by the Main damaging effect on the gums, causing changes in inflammatory
  2. Hovering edge seal - it can have a traumatic impact or hinder self-cleaning of the tooth,holding food waste
  3. presence of dental structures in the mouth: dentures, braces and plates make it difficult hygienic dental care
  4. gastric hyperacidity, frequent consumption of carbonated beverages.In this case plays the role of a chemical factor, prolonged exposure to acid also leads to catarrhal gingivitis
  5. Wrong bite, crowding dentition contributes to the accumulation of microbial plaque, preventing self-cleaning teeth

Common causes, state protective forces of the organism, immune status, receptiondrugs disruption gastrointestinal, endocrine, infectious disease.Since the etiology gingivitarassmatrivaetsya complex, you should know that inflammation occurs only when an appropriate ratio of protective forces of microorganism and the damaging effect of microorganisms.

Symptoms and classification

With the accumulation of a critical number of microbes and disequilibrium macro and micro-organism within three days of developing acute catarrhal gingivitis.It is characterized by puffiness and bleeding gums, pain when taking food.The patient may complain of bad breath, as well as the presence of tartar or soft plaque.

In children and adults, the temperature rises in gingivitis in the case of SARS, since at this time reduced the body's defenses, which gives an impetus to increase the aggressiveness of oral microflora.However, in most cases, patients do not pay attention to the above symptoms.With increased bleeding gums are usually bought a new toothbrush with soft degree of hardness, and brushing your teeth is made more gentle method.However, this only exacerbates the hygienic condition of the oral cavity.

After a month in the gum collected plasma cells - develop chronic catarrhal gingivitis.This process becomes sluggish and occasionally accompanied by exacerbations.Some lyudeypri gingivitis temperature can be low grade, especially this happens during an exacerbation of the disease.

There are two more classification of gingivitis.

  1. Localization: Localized (with the defeat of the gums around individual teeth, such as trauma or overhanging edge seals) and generalized (in the defeat of the entire oral cavity)
  2. According to severity: mild (inflammation of the gingival papilla), the middle (in the processinvolves the marginal gingiva), hard (all affected gums until the alveolar part of it).

Treatment and therapy

Knowing the cause of the disease, the treatment of catarrhal gingivitis dentist logically begins with the professional oral hygiene.It involves the removal of tartar ultrasound machine, soft plaque purification using the Air Flow System and polishing teeth rezinochkami and brushes.For homework, the doctor prescribes the patient gargle with antiseptic solutions (0.06% chlorhexidine, Miramistin, Tantum verde), or ointment recommended by gingivitis (indometacin, butanedioic, acetylsalicylic).

If the cause of gingivitis is overhanging the edge of the seal or the prosthesis is not satisfactory, the doctor corrects his work.If you have braces the patient is sent to the hygienist to teach proper brushing.In the case of a person of malocclusion can help orthodontist, who will correct errors of nature.

Since gingivitis - inflammation of the gums nonspecific nature, antibiotic therapy is not appointed as etiotrop means, as will be ineffective.Exceptions are cases with severe inflammation and fever.Therefore, the general treatment of catarrhal gingivitavklyuchaet measures aimed at improving the body's defenses: a proper diet, walking, vitamin therapy.

dentist may refer the patient to a consultation with other specialists.For example, a gastroenterologist will help to cope with high acidity of gastric juice and prescribe a diet that excludes the consumption of carbonated drinks.A therapist will replace one drug to the other, with fewer side effects.

In any case, catarrhal gingivitis - a disease that requires special attention, since time begun treatment is able to prevent further loss of teeth.

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