What are the symptoms and how to treat superficial glossitis

superficial glossitis - a process of inflammation that affects the upper part of the mucosal surface of the tongue.Typically, this form of the disease is considered to be one of the symptoms of thrush, but occasionally shows lesions of the gastrointestinal tract and the development of certain infectious diseases, such as diphtheria, measles, etc.

With the development of superficial glossitis language acquires a bright red color, patients complain of his pain, swelling, induration, limited in movement.Also, the language of white coating is formed.

In language there is a burning sensation, in addition there is a loss of perception of flavors and increased salivation.

Causes of pathology

The main causes of glossitis include:

  • Cavities in the teeth.
  • difficulties while teething.
  • Tartar.
  • Injury mucosal surface of the tongue or mouth.
  • Abuse smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • Failure to comply with oral hygiene.
  • poisoning organism salts of heavy metals.
  • burns.
  • Eating too hot food or hot sp
  • development of hypersensitivity reactions to toothpaste or mouth freshener.

Symptoms Pathology

often accompanies superficial glossitis pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, infectious diseases - scarlet fever, measles, diphtheria, etc.for the disease is characterized by the emergence of a strong coating on the tongue, swelling of the tongue, its seal.Taken together, these signs provoke limited mobility language.Language becomes bright red, there is a burning sensation and pain.Also, patients complain of excessive salivation and loss of taste sensation.

When glossit accompanies the development of necrotizing forms of stomatitis, the language appears on the plaque dirty gray shade.When removing the plaque become visible bleeding and painful erosion, at the same time there is bad breath.

Pathology Diagnostics

glossitis diagnosis and root cause of its appearance sets a doctor after studying the clinical picture of the disease, and the data of the survey, taking into account the blood analyzes - bacteriological, histological, immunological, etc.

glossitis If treatment is not carried out, it can cause severe swelling of tongue and difficulty breathing.In this connection, start medical treatment is required, as soon as possible.

Treatment pathology

treatment process involves a removal of damaging mucous factors or primary disease therapy.For the purpose of remission of inflammation in patients prohibited the use of irritating foods.

topically in the form of rinses, applications or baths are used antiseptic solutions - furatsilina, potassium permanganate, chlorhexidine, etc.To remove the pain reception solutions shown anesthetics.

With the development of erosion and the appearance of ulcers need every day to remove plaque from the necrotic surface of the tongue with a cotton swab.After this defeat, the surface is smeared with antiseptic solution.In order to accelerate the healing of wounds with glossitis made applications with special ointments, vitamin A wild rose oil, etc.When the marked hyperkeratosis keratinized area is removed by surgery.

glossitis surface treatment involves the use of local anesthetic drugs, such as benzocaine in glycerol, chloral hydrate, rosehip oil, peach, a solution of vitamin A, as well as anti-inflammatory medicines.

For intake shows multivitamin complexes, antihistamine drugs, calcium chloride, as well as stimulators of immunity work.Important role for rehabilitation of the oral cavity - made treatment of open wounds by removing them from the dead tissue and foreign particles in order.To then nothing could prevent proper healing.

Prevention of disease Usually, to conduct prevention glossitis think the people who had once suffered from this unpleasant disease.To prevent development of the disease it is important to stop smoking and drinking alcohol, limit consumption of spicy and hot food too.

also important to organize nutrition and respect for the basic rules of oral hygiene.Wanted to go regularly to the dentist appointment for the purpose of timely diagnosis of pathological changes in the mucous membrane of the tongue.Also be careful to treat pathologies that can cause glossitis, monitor the intake of essential vitamins.

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