Treatment glossitis language at home folk remedies

recently took glossitis tongue disease among oral lesions.It's quite unpleasant disease, which brings a lot of inconvenience and discomfort.It occurs both in adults and in children of all ages.

glossitis may occur in acute and chronic forms.The transition into the chronic stage often occurs due to lowered immunity or lack of proper treatment for the first time appeared glossitis.

reasons glossitis

language Causes glossitis can be as local causes and common diseases of the body.

  • great importance in the development of this disease is given injury oral cavity, for example, frequent tongue biting at defects of the dentition or carious teeth, eating foods with sharp edges, it could even be cut by candy or fish bone.In addition, the traumatic effect of having too hot food and drinks, a variety of aggressive chemical liquids that accidentally fall into the mouth.
  • Poor oral hygiene or use toothpaste and mouthwash with sodium lauryl sulfate may also be the reason for the decline of local immunity, so that
    creates the conditions necessary for the penetration of various pathogens and disease.
  • emergence glossitis may contribute to internal diseases organs and systems: digestive tract diseases, chronic inflammatory processes of any localization, "childish" infections (measles, scarlet fever, rubella), as well as angina and diphtheria, lack of B vitamins, folic acid, iron deficiency anemiaand various blood disorders.Quite often glossitis joins an existing disease in the oral cavity, such as stomatitis, periodontitis, gingivitis, glossitis language development have regarded as a complication.

But still, the main causes of disease are reduced immunity (both local and general), compromised allergic status and goiter.

How is

disease at the beginning of the disease there is an easy unspecified discomfort in the mouth, which is felt in speaking and eating.Gradually, the language appears a burning sensation and pain, it increases in size, becomes bright red color, and covered with a whitish bloom.There are difficulties in the movement of the tongue during chewing, swallowing, speaking, impaired taste sensitivity.

Naturally, the heavier form of glossitis, the more serious and deeper changes occur in the tissues of the tongue.

When catarrhal glossitis process is superficial, so the disease is the most gentle and healing takes place during the week.

the transition inflammation in the deeper layers can be observed swelling up to cellulitis, tongue covered with dirty-white film, in some cases appear ulcers and erosion, which makes the process even more painful.In severe swelling it affects the bottom of the mouth, and even the chin and neck.This appears in the mouth putrid odor, excessive salivation, signs of regional lymphadenitis.In extremely severe forms can raise body temperature.

addition distinguish language and other forms of inflammation:

  • deskvamatozny (vagus) glossitis - geographic tongue is not an inflammatory etiology.A great role in its origin plays spices, hormonal drugs and psycho-emotional stress.In this disease, in the language areas of discoloration alternate with normal colored papillae, sometimes there are deep cracks painless.
  • Diamond glossitis - a complete or partial loss of papillae language, and their transformation into a papillomavirus.In this case, the language is shaped like a diamond or oval.Current chronic disease, there are indications that this type of glossitis is a malformation.
  • villous (black tongue) glossitis - some buds grow in size and resemble hairs or fibers of different colors.Sometimes villi reach a length of 1-2 cm and become black shade.They irritate the throat, causing retching and feeling a tickle in the throat.

Sometimes also folded form of glossitis, which refers to congenital anomalies, Gunterovsky glossitis (occurs when pernicious anemia).

How to treat glossitis language at home

no secret that the earlier treatment helps get rid of the disease and avoid complications.Therefore, at the first sign - burning sensation and pain in the language, you need to begin therapy.Its purpose - to numb the affected mucosa, remove pathogens and help to recover mucosa.

It should be noted that it is not impossible to treat this disease, it will not pass on their own, but also need to accept the chemicals are not.Rather, they are indicated for severe and extensive tissue damage.In other cases it is possible to cope with glossitis and traditional methods.

But first a few words about nutrition during treatment.Food should be warm, soft, puree, boiled or stewed.It is forbidden the use of spices, pickles, salted, smoked.During this period it is recommended to drink as much as possible.Suit herbal teas, warm savory and non-carbonated beverages.Alcohol is extremely undesirable.To improve the digestive system and the normalization of microflora recommended daily use kefir, yogurt, ayran, yogurt.

not be amiss to remind that during the treatment, meticulous oral hygiene.The toothbrush should use the new, soft.Toothpaste is better to take no sodium lauryl sulfate.Rinse aid in this period it is better or not use at all, or choose without lauryl sulfate.Instead of industrial mouthwash is recommended to use herbal extracts of chamomile, mint, calendula, oak bark and sage.

Do not forget about hygiene in the interdental spaces, which are available for dental floss (dental floss), which allows qualitatively remove food debris between teeth.This is important in the treatment, for thereby reducing the number of microorganisms in the oral cavity, and therefore helps fight disease.

glossitis Treatment folk remedies - very efficient and effective.In fact, many herbs have antibacterial properties and are excellent to deal with pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity and in the whole organism.

Treatment in this case it is necessary to carry out local and general.

Local treatment of folk remedies

have very good effect rinsing baths and irrigation oral herbal infusions and decoctions.Thus, wound healing, anti-inflammatory and deodorizing effect have:

  • Calendula
  • Chamomile
  • Sage
  • Oak bark
  • Leaves willow
  • Juice sea buckthorn
  • juice plantain
  • juice of aloe leaves and Kalanchoe

in broth, you can addmint leaves, eucalyptus.

In addition, the mouth may be rinsed with warm soda water with a few drops of iodine.You can cook and honey water or a teaspoon of honey to put in your mouth, and keep up to complete resorption.Honey not only helps cell regeneration, it is still great fights infection, enhances immunity.

also possible to lubricate the mouth propolis.It has a wound-healing properties, increases the resistance of the organism, normalizes the flora of the oral cavity.The same effect has and rosehip oil, the juice of raw potatoes and carrots.

powerful antibacterial effect and has tea tree oil, it can be diluted with vegetable, olive or sea buckthorn oil (at a ratio of 1: 1) and lubricate the affected area, or dial in your mouth and hold for several minutes.

as an anesthetic, you can dial in your mouth a warm decoction of mint and eucalyptus.They are on time, reduce pain in the language, will have a deodorizing effect.

General treatment glossitis

In addition, the treatment of glossitis folk remedies should be paid attention to and increase the body's resistance.

For this purpose, you can ingest all of these plants, as well as a decoction of nettles, mother-and-stepmother, dandelion, turmeric, coriander and basil.All these plants have immune stimulating effects, they are rich in various vitamins and minerals.Echinacea, ginger, ginseng - a natural immune stimulants, they help improve the immune system, regenerate damaged tissues recover from stress.These plants are very tasty as a tea.

To normalize intestinal microflora and enhance the immune system is recommended to use lactic acid bacteria.But instead you can drink herbal teas with yarrow, St. John's wort, currants, lemon balm, chamomile and eucalyptus.

In conclusion, I would like to say that since the glossitis is often the result of internal diseases, rather than self-pathology, it is important not to miss the main reason that contributed to inflammation of the tongue.Therefore, before you start treatment glossitis language folk remedies, it is necessary to pass inspection and identify the source of the problem.Only then can we once and for all get rid of glossitis and not give him a chance to move into the chronic form.

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