Desquamative glossitis : causes and treatment methods

desquamative glossitis ( "geographical" language, exfoliative, migratory glossitis) - an inflammatory disease of the language (from the Greek "gloss" -. Language).The reason for it could become a bacterial or viral infection, allergic diseases, reducing the body's defenses with weakened immunity, etc.The etiology of the disease has not yet been studied in full.

Heredity can also be a cause of desquamative glossitis.Age category is not limited to, may hurt both children and adults.Usually, the disease is more common in women.

Also, there is a close link between digestive diseases and external views of the language, we know that the "language - it is a mirror of the intestine."In children, the cause of "geographic tongue" can be a worm infestation, anemia, vitamin deficiencies, physiological state (teething, the beginning of puberty in adolescents, etc.)

clinical picture desquamative glossitis

characteristic feature of the disease is the appearance of epithelial opacities individual sectionson the b

ack or side surfaces of the tongue.These sites are mucous whitish, greyish muddy color and round shape.Further there is bulging of the zone, desquamation filamentous taste buds, resulting in this portion becomes a bright pink or red color.

Deskvamatsionny plot has boundaries and shape, with slightly rising above the surrounding epithelium.The shape and size of desquamation zones can be different, in the form of spots, rings, etc.The affected area is clearly visible mushroom-shaped papillae, having a form of bright red dots.

desquamation areas may wear a single character, but mostly a lot of lesions.As a result of constantly occurring processes destruction and regeneration of certain areas of the epithelium, the formation of new lesions on a background of old, and the color of the tongue surface is constantly changing its appearance resembling a map.The next day, a visual inspection of the picture may change, so the name of the disease is very accurately determines the clinical picture of the disease ( "geographic tongue" migratory glossitis).

Lesions are often localized on the back and side surfaces of the tongue, almost without going to the bottom surface of the mucosa.

Pain at desquamative glossitis are not at all typical symptom mandatory.For example, children in language such changes are often without pain and identifies random when inspecting the oral cavity.Some patients have complaints of a burning sensation, pain and tingling.

may also disturb an unusual kind of language, which in rare cases may lead to the development cancerophobia (fear of cancer) in particularly susceptible and highly sensitive patients.Then the disease is delayed, because depression and stress, depressed mood only aggravate the picture and prevent the natural resistance of the organism.

is worth noting that in this case the forecast favorable and the likelihood of malignancy is not the process.

glossit disease can occur long enough not to cause anxiety in the patient.It can also happen that it disappears for an indefinite period, then reappears.Affected areas may be the same or there are new areas of desquamation.

disease lasts indefinitely, without disturbing the patients, sometimes disappears for a long time, then reappears on the same or other places.There are cases when desquamation occur predominantly in one and the same place.

are several forms of desquamative glossitis:

  • Surface - red spots, which are limited to the mucosa of normal color.With the rejection of the epithelium language becomes smooth and shiny.There have been some pain, itching.
  • hyperplastic - there is hypertrophy of the filiform papillae, with the formation of pockets of gray, yellow.
  • lichenoid - note hypertrophy mushroom papillae.It occurs at elevated mucosal language sensitivity to different metals (for dental prostheses).

Treatment desquamative glossitis

In the absence of special measures, complaints will not be accepted.If you are experiencing pain, discomfort in the mouth, it is recommended:

  1. Sanitation and hygiene of the oral cavity.Especially important observance of these rules in the case of the folded tongue where anatomical feature mucous creates optimal conditions for the development and multiplication of pathogens.Most often desquamative glossitis found it in the presence of fissured tongue.
  2. Remedy stimuli (hot food, drinks, food that requires considerable machining in the mouth).
  3. normalization of metabolism, treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and other organs and systems;
  4. use of special baths and rinses with the use of antiseptics, herbal infusions and decoctions:
  • infusions of sage, chamomile, oak bark;
  • 1% citral solution (30 drops per ½ cup water);
  • application anestezina 5-10% in oil solution of vitamin E;
  • keratoplasty (rosehip oil, sea buckthorn oil solution of vitamin A, karotolin et al.);
  • solkoseril-dental paste mundizal-gel).


  • nesteroidy (anti-inflammatory and analgesic - Tantum Verde);
  • dalargin (analgesic and stimulant of epithelialization);
  • calcium pantothenate orally 3 times a day (0.1-0.2 g);
  • novocaine blockade in the lingual nerve;
  • vitamin;
  • biostimulants (apilak, biotrit);
  • fish oil;
  • preparations strengthening the vascular wall (Courant trental, cavinton, nicotinic acid);
  • antihistamines (diazolin, tavegil, suprastin, pipolfen);
  • appointment sedatives (valerian, motherwort tincture);
  • physiotherapy (phonophoresis dipyrone);
  • use of special mouthwash ( "Victoria") and rinsing agents that facilitate the oral care, destroy pathogens.

It should be noted that the above-mentioned means are symptomatic, treatment desquamative glossitis is directed in this case to eliminate the pain.We must look for the cause of the disease and try to fix it.


disease usually is not difficult thanks to the characteristic, specific clinic.However, it should differentiate desquamative glossitis other diseases:

  • leukoplakia.
  • Plaques in secondary syphilis.
  • Lichen planus.
  • Hypovitaminosis Group B.
  • stomatitis allergic nature.
  • Candidiasis.
  • lupus erythematosus.
  • gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.In practice
  • radiotherapy.
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