Polyp of the rectum : signs and symptoms

benign growths that grow out of the intestinal wall in the lumen are called colon polyps.When the number of polyps formed, then a condition called polyposis colon in the gut.

Any occurrence must be considered as a precancerous condition.However, you must also know that the long-term existence of the disease, polyps can turn into cancer stage colorectal cancer.

causes of polyps

Today, one can not say why the human body there are such education, and it is unlikely there is one cause of polyposis.But, nevertheless, polyposis can be sufficiently prevalent when tumor growths are arranged across the surface of the intestine.It will never develop on healthy tissue.

growths on the mucous new formations contribute to chronic inflammatory diseases, which lead to the rapid aging of the colon epithelium.Some of these diseases include ulcerative colitis, typhoid, dysentery and other diseases.It is not uncommon, when polyps arise from frequent constipation and intestinal dyskinesia.

colon polyps in a child

may be the same as that of an adult, with the only difference being that they develop on the background of full health.In this case, it can be concluded that the disease and is also a genetic predisposition.

symptoms forming disease

Most often the disease makes itself felt, and found only at inspection on absolutely another occasion or when targeted surveys.The most common disease occur in people older than 50 years.

For a long period of time solitary polyps can not be shown.If joined to the disease or inflammation has ruptured, the stools may be visible impurities blood and mucus.If the patient is observed polyposis, in which case the disease is accompanied by bleeding, frequent stools with mucus and the gradual depletion of the body.

To diagnose colon disease whose symptoms are not pronounced characteristic, it is necessary to go to the check to the proctologist.The disease can be detected using the digital examination.

methods provide treatment

most radical method of treatment of colon polyps is excision.Since these structures are precancerous nature, occurred after removal of polyps in the rectum, the patient is assigned to a special surveillance using colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy.

If polyposis is a consequence of suffering ulcerative colitis or other diseases, the first step is to treat the underlying problem.The symptoms of the widespread colon polyps include: bleeding, proctitis with copious mucus and pus, then the need to complete or partial removal of the rectum.

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