As manifested rectal diseases ?

rectum because of its location is considered very vulnerable, so exposed to many different diseases.Ulcer, cyst, hernia, fractures, cancer.Symptoms of diseases of the rectum can be as different and to be similar to each other.

Inflammatory diseases


to inflammatory diseases of the body can be attributed proctitis.Proctitis - an inflammation of the rectum, which arose as a result of various factors.

These include intoxication, both alcoholic and food, a variety of diseases (hemorrhoids, dysentery, anal fissures), hypothermia, mucosal injuries and more.Symptoms of the disease - acute pain, itching, discomfort, diarrhea, inflammation of the rectum and perineum.

key aspects of treatment have a diet and ambulatory monitoring.

Chronic abscess

Chronic inflammation of the rectum, where the fistula is present on the walls of the intestine and the external opening on the skin of the perineum.Usually this disease develops on the background of an acute abscess due to late referral to a specia


Because symptoms may be noted allocation that appear from external fistula opening.

Symptoms of the disease


rectum is expressed in single ulcer defects rectal mucosa.The cause of the ulcer is often chronic constipation.

rectal bleeding, as well as some other cases - very characteristic of this disease is also manifested in the feeling of incomplete emptying of the bowel during a bowel movement.

to effectively treat the patient need to adjust the diet is also required intake of laxatives.


microfractures that appeared on the mucosa of the body, are the main symptom - a sharp pain.It seriously affects the quality of life.

Today, experts are trying to treat this disease with the latest conservative methods, which eliminates the surgery.


Very often such a diagnosis is not only adults but also children.The preferential localization of cysts - pozadipryamokishechnoe this space, it is very difficult to diagnose this disease.Symptoms of rectal thus may appear during the growth of cysts.Because of the growth occurs squeezing the lumen of the rectum, resulting in difficulty of defecation, and later - to the release of stool in the form of tape.

In most cases, the pain is absent.You may receive a pain if the cyst become infected content.Diagnosis is done by digital rectal examination.


The disease is often also called rectal prolapse or perineal hernia.the pelvic muscles are weakened, as a result violated the fixation of the rectum, leading to its loss.Typically this leads to frequent constipation or diarrhea, anus various injuries including mechanical effect of the surgery.

Among the symptoms we should mention the difficulty of defecation, pain of varying intensity in the pelvic area (the character - drawing), constipation and kalomazanie.In the later stages of the development of a hernia may also be loss even when coughing or walking.

To diagnose the disease, it is necessary to pass rectoscopy and digital research.The treatment is usually performed by a surgical intervention.


The disease is difficult to diagnose because it takes virtually no symptoms.Symptoms become more pronounced at the time when the tumor reaches a large size.In this case, it is worth noting the discomfort, bleeding and pus from the rectum.

The disease is diagnosed by digital examination, followed by hardware research.The main method of cancer treatment is surgery: removed or affected area, or rectum with the anus.

polyps Benign tumors are called polyps.According to experts, much harm to the body they do not bring.However, if they are still there, outpatient observation not hurt.

Early diagnosis and removal, if necessary, can prevent the occurrence of colorectal cancer.

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