Diverticulosis of the colon : symptoms, treatment

Diverticulosis of the colon - it is such a disease in which there are small (1-2 cm) in the wall of the diverticula of the colon.Statistics notes that this disease the most susceptible to the elderly who live in countries with a good standard of living.


illness Like many colon diseases, diverticulosis appears on the banal reason of malnutrition: greatly increases the risk of its occurrence, when a person consumes a little plant food, and there are many baked dishes, meat.Such a diet often causes constipation.

Contribute to the development of diverticular disease and obesity, prolonged use of laxatives, intestinal infections (eg dysentery), flatulence.

What happens when diverticulosis?

Over time, human colon loses much of its elasticity of its walls.If the process is combined with the high pressure in the intestine (for the above reason), then places the weakest intestine are slightly "bulge" and then diverticulum appears.Usually, no symptoms of disease or not, some patients complain of

pain in the abdominal area, particularly in its left side;violations of the chair;rumbling in the stomach and bloating.

After some time the disease when the colon accumulate stool may appear inflamed diverticula - diverticulitis of the colon.This inflammation is accompanied by high fever, stronger than usual, abdominal pain, stool contains blood and mucus, and bloating becomes pronounced.As a rule, patients go to the doctor only at this stage of the flow of diverticulosis.

Diverticulitis can be quite dangerous phenomenon in terms of complications.There are the following complications that can occur during inflammation:

  • Peritonitis (purulent inflammation of the abdominal cavity).Diverticulum may appear in a small hole formed due to thinning of the intestinal wall, and through it into the abdominal cavity passes the intestinal contents.
  • bleeding in the intestines.It can be recognized if it is noted in the stool or blood clots scarlet blood.Other symptoms - pale skin, decreased blood pressure, and general weakness.While the blood is released, broken chair and a stomach ache.
  • Intestinal obstruction occurs due to narrowing of the intestine is the place where departed diverticulum.

How to organize the process of treatment

cure this trouble is engaged in gastroenterology.To diagnose diverticulosis of the colon, it is necessary to pass stool and blood tests, undergo a colonoscopy (colon plot of one meter is inspected using a colonoscope introduced into the anus), barium enema (bowel X-ray study after the enema intestinal filling material in contrasting color).

Conventional uncomplicated diverticulosis treated at home.As for diverticulitis and its complications, then there can no longer do without a room in the hospital.

purpose of the doctor in the treatment of diverticular disease - cause the chair to the highest possible standard.Normalization allows the chair to prevent the formation of new diverticula and prevent inflammation.Initially assigned a diet based on the reception of wheat bran, and then is translated into increased consumption of normal plant foods.To reduce the pain in the abdomen, appointed antispasmodics (eg, no-spa).

If diverticulosis develops, the doctor prescribes antibiotic therapy.Drugs that treat bleeding depends on how rapidly it.As a rule, used drugs, specially designed to stop bleeding.If there are complications, the disease is treated surgically.The interference is that the surgeon removes ulcer site which struck diverticula.

Sometimes it can help cure colon folk remedies, but it should be borne in mind that this is only a supplement to the main drug treatment.Before you start applying any recipes of traditional medicine, you should consult with your doctor about the need for such drugs and their compatibility with the primary treatment.

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