Bulba duodenal ulcer : diagnosis of the disease

Bulba - a disease of the duodenum, leading to its inflammation, if we talk about the most common processes.It is a form of duodenitis.

What is the cause of this unpleasant disease, how it manifests itself, as it is diagnosed in hospitals and how it is treated?If you think you have this disease, you will be examined with all this information as soon as possible.

main causes of disease

main reason for which bulbit may appear - is an infection caused by Helicobacter pylori virus.If it happens so, the disease develops in the discharge of acidic stomach contents into the duodenum and helicobacter gastritis.

In some cases, duodenal ulcer disease is associated with lyabliozom, parasitic infestation, and Crohn's disease.

for Acute bulbita can also be triggered by the different nature of poisoning, excessive use of alcohol or drugs that have a significant effect on the skin GI (gastrointestinal).


disease How do you know that you have a bulbit duodenum?Typical of all this disease is manifest

ed through the aching pain, although sometimes the pain can be about cramping in the epigastric region.In any case, the pain of Bulba there about an hour or two after you eat.As a rule, the pain disappears when you ate or took antacids, but available at the nausea pain.

In some cases, the pain may be given to the area around the navel and in the right upper quadrant.As a rule, if the pain is given there, it is accompanied by acid regurgitation.

If there is worsening, the patient feels a general malaise, some of vegetative disorders and headache.If the breaks between meals constitute an extended period, there may be muscle weakness, body tremors, excessive sweating and excessive hunger.

diagnosis disease

Despite the fact that the only Bulba inflamed duodenal bulb, its diagnosis begins with the most common actions, that is, physical examination.Palpation of the abdomen shows that epigastric abdominal wall a little tense, and there is felt moderate pain.

Also at Bulba necessary to carry out X-ray examination, which will show some changes in the DNA, in particular, a disorderly and irregular peristalsis, cramps certain periodicity, and they are replaced by periods of relaxation.Also, quite often there is a deformation of the duodenal bulb, the bulb increases slightly in volume.

Effective treatment

As with all diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, Bulba recommended patient's lifestyle adjustment, changing diets and diet.Of course, the need to avoid bad habits: smoking and alcohol.Reducing psycho-emotional stress also has beneficial effects on the patient.When bulbit escalates, your doctor may prescribe a chemical, thermal and mechanical sparing the mucosa.

As for drugs, they are assigned based on the fact, for some reason, the disease appeared.If the cause was a virus, it carried out a course of antibiotic therapy.

Virtually every patient bulbita prescribe antacids, allowing little to normalize the production of hydrochloric acid.Also widely prescriptions that enhance updated PDK cells and conventional drugs for the regulation of motility of the gastrointestinal tract.

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