Sigmoid colon and its diseases

Sigmoid colon - one of the large intestine, which moves in a straight line, taking its origin from the top of the pelvic aperture.The unusual shape of the card (in the form of a "sigma" Greek letter) caused its name.Usually the body is located on the left side of the abdomen.However, sometimes it bends can reach down to the right hypochondrium.

This body continues to perform the functions of the intestine relative to the direct absorption and digestion of food.It is here that the absorption of a large amount of food consumed by a moisture-rich nutrients, which will then contribute to the growth of all tissues and normal vital functions of organs and systems.

Due to the reduction of fluid, sigmoid colon - an area of ‚Äč‚Äčintense hardening of feces.After completing this department, undigested food debris pass into the rectum and then removed from the body through defecation.The main function - ensuring the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

variety of organ disorders not only contribute to distu

rbances in the normal operation of the intestine, but also pathologies of adjacent organs.In addition, organ dysfunction due to disorders of the sigmoid colon can cause even death of the patient.That's why this disease requires a comprehensive study and immediate assistance in case of problems.

Diseases sigmoid colon sigmoid

This kind of colitis is an inflammation of the sigmoid colon.The latter may occur in acute and chronic forms.Acute type of pathology is characterized by sharp pain in the iliac region, changing the color and rastrojstvo chair.

Chronic pain appears during defecation or immediately after it, and the extreme instability of the chair.

In addition, patients complain of frequent belching, bloating, nausea, vomiting and loud flatulence in the intestine.Often the treatment of this disease is difficult because of the wrong diagnosis.In long-term chronic inflammation of the card activated splicing processes of the sigmoid colon with the nearest authorities.

Colitis carries negative consequences for the person in the form of weakness, sudden weight loss, a significant reduction in quality of life.


possible motility disorders (patency) of the intestine can cause a dangerous disease acquired.Pathology provokes the appearance of intestinal areas with increased intraluminal pressure.In this way, the longitudinal and transverse muscles of the sigmoid colon with hypertrophy.Violation of the muscle disorder involves the character of the blood supply to the tissues, as well as the normal transport of chyme (content) on tract cavities.More likely a manifestation of the disease at the age of about 50 years.

Symptoms of the disease manifests itself as follows: violation of stool, colic, flatulence, bloating in the abdomen;pain can occur in the iliac fossa.Do not avoid medical care for manifestations of diverticular disease.Otherwise, you may develop complications such as purulent peritonitis, abscess formation, the occurrence of fistulas, bleeding and inflammation.

cancer of the sigmoid colon

cancer of the sigmoid colon, which may be detected with equal probability in men as in women.

malignant tumor most often occurs between the ages of 40 to 50 years.Cancer Symptoms of sigmoid part are: bowel obstruction, abdominal pain, nausea, belching, involuntary contraction of the abdominal muscles, characteristic swelling on the right side of the abdomen.Treatment of a cancerous disease is carried out only after the passage of the sick necessary analyzes and comprehensive study of the problem.

Diagnostics to provide objective data it requires the results of laboratory tests, X-rays, sigmoidoscopy and biopsy and other tests.For the primary study used growths palpation.Detailed studies are needed to determine the size of tumors and to determine its location in the sigmoid colon.

only operation on sigmoid colon is able to get rid of this oncology department.Surgery is recommended to conduct immediately after the final diagnosis.Not all growths and tumors indicate the presence of cancer.For example, a polyp of the sigmoid colon - benign precancerous growths that, however, you need to stop.


Treatment When inflammatory processes, changing the motility of the esophagus or the occurrence of tumors of different nature the patient's quality of life significantly reduced.

avoid suffering and the threat of complications should consult a doctor who will deliver an accurate diagnosis and offer an arsenal of methods of conservative therapy or surgical treatment of sigmoid colon diseases.

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