Do I need a special diet to renal ultrasound ?

renal ultrasound - minimally invasive diagnostic measures by which it is possible to set the size, shape and location of the kidney.

This is important! Preparation for ultrasound of the kidneys and ureters is primarily aimed at the creation of the most optimal diagnostic conditions.Despite the fact that modern diagnostic equipment ultrasound has a rather high capacity permits and informative, but the echogenicity of some organs, regions, areas and systems because of their own anatomical features of the structure can be difficult without special preparation.

It has a direct relationship with the direct ultrasound technology: ultrasound is capable of perfectly scatters in the air, and on the contrary, gives a beautiful reflection in the water and in a humid environment, which is directly connected with the scanning process of the ureters and kidneys.That is why each patient before some time before this procedure, you must comply with all recommendations of experts and comply with the rules glad preparat


Information on preparations for the US

Without a serious and proper preparation for renal ultrasound obtained all the information and data may not be entirely properly evaluated, which is why preparatory activities should be given particular attention.

Prior to the study, for a few days should follow a special diet, which aims to eliminate flatulence (increased gas) and have a special meal.

To that end, in the three days prior to the diagnosis of the daily diet should eliminate carbonated beverages, vegetables, raw fruits, legumes, brown bread, juice, sauerkraut.

Preparation for renal ultrasound is not only relatively simple in execution, but also need to study the rules:

  • a tendency to flatulence in the intestine should follow dietary regime, for example, excluded from the set of products all kinds of vegetables, legumes, milkproducts and fruits in raw form.It is also desirable to avoid taking any carbonated and alcoholic beverages.
  • diet before renal ultrasound should be observed for two or three days prior to the diagnosis.When a specific need to drink medicines sorbent action, as well as enzymes.In some cases, as directed by a specialist is necessary to make a purgation, but do not do it in the morning before the test;
  • Before ultrasound there is no need to starve, research is not carried out on an empty stomach;
  • not less than one hour before the study is necessary to drink plenty of fluids (4-cup).This helps to improve the conductivity of the echo signal and increases the information content of the ultrasound.If urination becomes very strong, the bladder can be emptied and then again to drink the right amount of liquid.
  • If a patient who needs a kidney ultrasound cardiovascular disease and passes the appropriate treatment using medications, the use of medication should not be stopped, but they must inform a specialist radiologist.

Rules after ultrasound

This is important! There is no need to observe special diet rules after renal ultrasound.The patient can resume a normal diet, if your specialist is not given other recommendations.

interpretation of the results of renal ultrasonography deals exclusively with qualified radiologist.Only he has the ability to establish the most accurate diagnosis, which significantly increases the chances of recovery.

With the help of ultrasound diagnosis of kidneys can timely detect a variety of life-threatening conditions and develop their timely treatment, prevent the development of severe or incurable conditions (tumors).Do not forget that the serious preparation for any issledovaniyu- key to a successful recovery.

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